Key Troop Distribution

Ive openned around 400 keys so far this week and approximately 65% of the troops Ive pulled have been broken spire troops (including 4 sheggras). Im assuming this isnt by chance. Anyone else on PS4 having this issue?

There was one in my Sheggra topic that plays on console that got 3 sheggra almost right after each other this week.

I just now opened 40 magic keys and 20 iron keys on PS4 - I didn’t see anything like this.

I did get 3 legendary troops though! Wish my luck were that good on PC…

Just “bad luck” when it comes to draws I suppose, I’ve been getting a good spread across the Kingdoms.

When the magic key glitch was going on, Sheggra was dropping left and right. It went from one of the hardest cards to get to me having 10 within 2 days. I don’t think it is just bad luck as something with the drop rate % defiantly messed up during that time, and it might still be that way. Even the other people in my guild said they were getting Sheggra more than any other card. I can’t comment on what you say about the % of troops being from one kingdom. If anything I would ask how one person has the patience to track 400 chests worth of troops -.-

It obviously looks like it has been a glitch, by Horror capturing 11 of Sheggra, in so short time, of maybe one the hardest Legendaries to pull for the console version.

Not only sheggra seems to be glitched. Since that magic key bug there are some troops that I get WAY more often. E.g. Common troops: Before the bug I had every common troop 70-90x but 300 magic keys later and maybe 100 or 150+ iron keys I have every common troop 80-100x. EXCEPT that damn ogre, I have him ~230 times now. Every 2nd chest contains an ogre now, sometimes even 2.

Exactly what happened to me. Was sitting at around 200 of every common and 50 of every rare at the beginning of this week. Now though I’m up to 300 orgres and 150 rynax while all the other cards increased at around 5 each. I also pulled triple rynax twice today.

Also something that I haven’t seen discussed yet on the forums, is that some troops for me during the magic key glitch period bugged out for me. What I mean is that they disappeared after I got them in a chest, and I’m not talking about the troops that aren’t in game like the goblin rocket. During that period, I pulled a crimson bat. I was super happy and I went to check it to level it up, and it wasn’t in my troop list. It just vanished. It was only during the first day or two, I had a solid 5 or so legendary cards disappear after being gotten from a magic key chest.

Bump for now over a week of this happening and apparently no one cares…

I care! But I haven’t been able to find a reproduction case.

From your screenshots, I believe that this is happening to you. But is it happening to everyone? Is there something funny about you that makes this happen? Which console is this on? Is there any consistency to which card is the Broken Spire troop? Do they come in clumps or one each time? Is this holding true for the UR and higher difficulty troops? Is it happening with both types of keys?

I see that Ettin, another Broken Spire troop, doesn’t seem to have the same huge numbers as Rhynax. Is it just Ogre and Rhynax?

Orge, Rhynax, Stone Giant, Luther and Sheggra are the specific cards. Im having the issue on ps4. I know several people who play on xbox who are all having the exact same issue. Best I can tell everyone on console is in fact having this issue, its just at this point in time, only people who are playing a lot and paying close attention are going to have noticed (though I obviously cant prove this). Ill try reinstalling the game today and report back.

I didn’t think I was having the problem until I looked at my troops after a few hundred chest openings. The troops in question I have significantly more of than any other troops. Especially ogre. 200+ of that while all the other white cards of mine are around 130

Are you using Iron Keys, Magic Keys, or both? Could this issue affect only one key type?

Certainly both for me.

I’m seeing a pretty big influx of the same. I didn’t put two and two together that it was Broken Spire troops, but I have an uneven distribution of troops coming in with Iron Keys. I have a lot more Rhynax, Ogre, and Stone Giant than any other troop.

I’ve used a few magic keys, but not enough to say anything with certainty.

EDIT: I’m on XB1.

Yeah I’m experiencing the dame thing on ps4. I’ve only been playing for 20days and had over 180 ogre & 125 Rhynax. Disenchanted them 4days ago & already have more then 60 ogre. No more opening keys till this gets fixed. Sheggra has dropped 9 times for me in last 2days using magic keys. Used 15…edit that just checked I used 21 magic keys. Getting Ogre in both magic and iron keys.

Oh wow… this sounds like a horror story (no pun intended, I promise) waiting to happen to me. Especially since that happens to be the last troop that I need. Thank you for the warning and I’m really sorry to hear about what happened. If you contact 505 support directly, then they might have it on record somewhere that you obtained a Crimson Bat and they can help you.

Yes, I have also been pulling Ogre/Rhynax/Stone Giant nonstop and I also have 15 Sheggras. I thought that it was just a massive RNG fail on my behalf. These posts have convinced me to hold back on opening chests (either until the console 1.0.8 update or until this gets fixed).

I’ve just spoken with the devs. They’re looking into the issue, and here’s what they’ve told me so far:

Each rarity of troop is in a list, and for some reason the first troop in each list is dropping twice as often as the other troops in that list. It just so happens that broken spire is alphabetically the first kingdom, and so it happens that the first troop in each list is from Broken Spire.

We’ve looked over the code, which is unchanged from the PC/Mobile side, and we can’t figure out exactly why this is happening. We have not observed the same problem in the 1.0.85 update, which introduces the new key types. (And is, again, unchanged from the PC/Mobile side code.) The disparity isn’t wild – Ogres have about an 8% chance of dropping, while other troops have a 4% chance. So this shouldn’t be a deterrent to casual players.

On the plus side – anyone who’s looking to get Sheggra should do it NOW, before the update! (We’re close to announcing a firm release date for 1.0.85 – look for that soon.)

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Thank you for the information, Nex! I have more Sheggras than I will probably ever need :wink: so I will hold onto my keys until the next update. Glad to know that the devs are acknowledging the problem!