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TIL NEVER use Aziris on defense

‘Smart’ AI just created skull in red circle.


It probably just misclicked.


That’s normal - when I’d played challenges in Khetar, maps versus Aziris were pretty funny, when he created skulls in absurdally random places :smiley:

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You made my day :)))

Aziris and Keeper of Souls are both horrid in the hands of the AI. Stay far away.


Just had a match against an Aziris. It set up Skulls for me and refilled it’s Mana. So I left Purple alone and it did it again! Third time around it picked a random spot, but it was hilarious to get a free kill like that.

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Yeah, Aziris really is funny. “C’mon, boy, you’ve got one skull, make it count, you can do it, I believe in you!” [Aziris places a skull equidistant from all other skulls on the board] “That’s okay, don’t feel bad, you’ll get it next time I’m sure.”


I’ve played against a mercy that used its spell right after I used mine and there were no purple gems to convert (Q-Berts: “@&$*^%# be crazy”)

Sometimes I think enemy Mercy is trying to cure her own brain damage.


But it is the one status effect she can’t cleanse!

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Wipe all the dirty thoughts from your brain and you’ll take most of the good stuff with them.

“Blessed is the mind too small for doubt” seems to fit pretty well there :laughing: