What's the console Event troop for this weeK?

Hey there. When I first started playing Gems of War on the Xbox One, I wasn’t able to find these console-dedicated Gems forums until recently, because they don’t readily come up in web searches. In fact 505games Support had to email me the link to this forum. Virtually all web searches link to the PC/Mobile version of GoW by default.

Now I have the same problem with finding out the Weekly Event and weekly (paid $) Specials for the console. :frowning:

Here’s where any “play every day” game gets somewhat frustrating… I’m travelling right now to help out with family health issues, and 3600km away from home for the next month. Since I don’t know whether the Event or Hero weapon Special are items that I might already have or want, I can’t just leave blanket instructions to a friend back home (who isn’t playing the game) to simply buy everything.

I don’t know if weekly bundle Specials are identical for both XB1 and PS4. But I’d be very happy if you kind folks could list the contents of the Event pack, and of any $4.99 special pack that is available each week on the Xbox One at least. Thanks in advance… that would be great!

I’m away from my game right now but this week we got Salamander, an Elemental-type Troop from Pridelands.

So the bundles will all be Pridelands-related.

Wait, I’m confused. There are only one set of Gems of War forums, and you’re currently on them. These forums cover PC, Mobile, Xbox One and PS4 in various sections. Where are you seeing other PC forums? Are you talking about the Steam forums?

Quoted for correctness.

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[quote=“Nex, post:3, topic:5533, full:true”]
Where are you seeing other PC forums? Are you talking about the Steam forums?[/quote]

Up until Kyle sent me the link to these forums, whenever I searched for “Gems of War Xbox One forum” the first search results were always for Facebook or Steam forums.

Even if you start directly on the index (home) page of community.gemsofwar.com itself, much of the dialogue there centers on the PC/Mobile game. Unless you already know exactly where to look, there is no self-evident link from there to here in the Gameplay Chat (PlayStation 4/Xbox One) Forums.

Because the two game versions are still different, your community home page really needs a directory list to redirect users on the various platforms.

I still haven’t found where the official announcement of this week’s Event offerings are listed for CONSOLES. My impression is that to avoid confusing PC/Mobile players, we don’t get any posted announcements at all?

Thank you Talia!
Looking forward to hearing what’s in the Salamander Pack itself (traitstones, keys, etc).

Oh. How much does the new Salamander bundle cost? Work with me here please… Remember I’m trying to give clear instructions on what to do to someone who doesn’t play the game.

Yeah, Steam and Facebook will inevitably appear before these forums, as they’re much, MUCH larger sites. Google inherently weights them higher than these forums.

And, yes, much of the discussion centers on the PC/Mobile platforms, as those versions have existed far longer than the console games. Plus, it was only a few weeks ago that we added community representation for console players (read: me). Of course, if you have a question about the console versions, you can just ask and people will be happy to offer answers for your specific version of the game.

As for a directory, that does exist. On the front page of the forums, there’s a drop down box at the upper left that says “All Categories.” Click there and you’ll see sections for consoles, PC, mobile, and all the rest.

You haven’t seen an official announcement because there is no official announcement. We announced our console plans going forward with the recent patch, and you can find all of that information here. Otherwise, these weekly releases are supposed to be a “wait and see” kind of thing. Like a surprise for those who regularly log into the game.

Hopefully that helps clarify things.

Ah. Forgive me I only found these forums last week, I was not aware that my original difficulty in finding Xbox discussion may have been because said platform discussion did not even exist prior to now!

Then again, I hope it’d be possible (through metatags) to redirect the specific user keywords: “Gems of War XBOX ONE forums” to at least throw up a direct link to Gameplay Chat (PlayStation 4/Xbox One) - Gems of War | Forums .

Anyway I don’t wish this thread to go off-topic on the subject of website design, as it’s much more interesting to find out this week’s Event offerings for the game. :wink: Yay

My numbers may be off but the Salamander bundle is;

Salamander x1
Event Keys x2
Gold x 2500
Souls x 200
Arcane Beast Traitstone x2
Minor Fire Traitstone x4

Cost: 300 Glory

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Thank you Talia!

Salamander sounds just like a beast (grin) and while playing on iOS, I noticed just how devastating the Burn ability was against my Paladin. Ouch.

I’ve never really looked into it yet, simply because I don’t own enough Arcanes to do much, but do these weekly troop bundles provide a sufficient number of traitstones to complete the third trait on at least one troop card?

pretty sure weekly packs are where most glory on the pc goes primarily for the stones.

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Since I can’t see how many Runics/Arcanes are needed for the 3rd traits until I actually unlock the trait before it, are you saying that multiple purchases of the same stone bundle are required to max trait most troops? How many Arcanes are we typically talking about?

I think my drop rate for getting Arcane Traitstones is equivalent to obtaining any Legendary troop from chests. Erhm (cough).

I’d say I have gotten MORE Legendaries from chests than Arcane stones.


Based on the gameplay chatter from those folks, you are correct.

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I’ve got nothin else to do with it the soul ratio sucks when it was 10 glory for 40 soul i did that with the task but 25 for 40? pass…

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With the elf eater pack last week I bought 6 of them. It got behemoth fully traited cause of it. Behemoth now does 10damage per enemy and his health climbs very quickly with his legendary trait

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behemoth feels like a non true damage crimson bat…

@DemonicDraco wouldn’t know as that damn bat still eludes me. Cant wait to try once my luck changes.

I somehow snagged 2 bats with 10 glory keys, lol now only like 9 legendaries. To go