Upcoming Glory Troop Traitstones

Anyone know what upcoming troops for console are coming in the glory packs and what their corresponding Arcanes are? I want to start saving up for troops like Elemaugrim but only have finite amount of farming time, so would rather not waste it farming a stone that will be coming through the “to purchase for glory” avenue sometime before it drops.

Anyone have any ideas on this and when they might be released (obviously subject to change).


(Also, if you could post the color next to each one, I don’t know off the top of my head what colors correspond to Arcane Skull, lava, etc).

You are a little early :slight_smile: @sirrian usually announce them sunday 7h30pm EST
But i can tell you tomorow we suppose to get a new mythic troop Stonehammer

Yes but are those just ALL troops we don’t have? I’m not interested in the ones that will just be dropped into chests or available from event keys / new kingdoms, but rather ones that I will be able to purchase for glory to get the arcanes

Like i said you need to wait bro

Those are the troops.

Sorry I might not be making my point very clear.

I know Sirrian releases the traitstones for the WEEK on Sundays, but I’m wondering if anyone (maybe someone that follows PC releases) knows of any troops not yet released to us through glory that will possibly be released in the near future so I can have an idea of what to farm at the moment. (Like say theres a troop we know was released to glory on PC but hasn’t come to us yet… what color was it and what stones in what amount?)

Well this is exaclty what @Ghaleon posted :slight_smile:

? Any good?

But, unless I’m reading it wrong, those are ALL troops not yet released. I see that stonehammer and elemaugrim are coming, but i need to know which ones are coming to GLORY packs so I know which arcanes I may be able to purchase in the future.

@Stan can you maybe help with this?

Thanks Dan,

Essentially that’s exactly what I’m asking for. However, is that for PC? Does anyone know the few left in between console and PC that are coming that are not on that list?

At this point, it is a good bet that all unreleased troops, except for Legendaries and Mythics, will be available in glory packs. They haven’t dumped anything else into chests in a long time (a bunch with the first catch-up effort in the fall and then Dark Troll/Rock Spirit a few months ago), and I don’t expect they will again now.

My console update list (Ghaleon’s link) shows the few troops that are released on PC that aren’t released on console. Necrezza is the most interesting to me, since I can use the Arcane Darks to finish traiting Sekhma and Carnex and then stockpile for Elemaugrim.

I use my list to try to predict the immediate releases and am paying more and more attention to @Actreal’s list now that we are getting closer to being fully caught up.


Bandit was in chests today according to my Mrs

That’s a couple weeks premature by my calculations, but wouldn’t be the first time something was off-schedule…

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I’ve been finding predictions difficult lately. For a while, they seemed to be focusing on catching up older troops, then kingdoms with 2 or more troops, then for the last 3 weeks they’ve been ignoring the old troops and following 2 weeks behind PC/Mobile. If they stick with that, we’re due for Desert Troll this Sunday.

Maybe now that 3.0.5 is released, they’ll start catching up some of the old troops as well? Only the devs know, and they haven’t been dropping hints lately.