Rewards section of shop not featuring weekly troop

I went into the rewards in shop today to buy Ifrit for glory, but the chest wasn’t there. The only things there were the usual souls, treasure maps, and spoils of war. Is this intentional or just a mishap?

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I suspect you are playing on XBOX. Unfortunately, I must refer you to my other post:

No, I’m on ps4. The new event rolled in and my rank went back to 15 in pvp. The news section was updated and everything. I simply cannot see the Ifrit troop in the rewards section of the shop.

Never mind. I logged back in an hour later and it was there.

Just in case anyone else has this trouble, in another thread someone mentioned to restart the xbox, and it fixed the problem. I suspect you may need to actually quit the game at the start of the week to reload the new shop items.

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