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Shop not showing unique items on PS4

@Nex @Mr.Strange @Foresti

This is in the US. When you look at the store on the PS4, the only items in there at the moment are the constant ones from week to week. Under bundles and rewards (the real money and glory sections), you can only purchase things like the armors or Souls, Maps, and Event Key. No troops are there (so no Ifrit), and no bundles (no Maw, no weapon, no traitstones).

Just wanted to let you know.

Thanks for the update. There was an error with the date for the cadence transition this week that has been fixed. Things should be working as expected on PS4. We are still working on the X1 store issues with new packs but should have it resolved soon.

I know I asked this question in another thread, but I would like to know if “resolved soon” means it will be fixed and rolled out for the Whitehelm event (and miss the Drifting Sands event bundles), or are XBOX One players going to have a chance to purchase the Drifting Sands troop and/or weapon bundles? … as they have never appeared in the shop, we do not even know what weapon pack is being offered for the event.

Order and Chaos was the weapon. If you pull up the list of hero weapons you have and choose show all, you’ll see it there and decide if it were worthwhile.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee when the issue will be resolved, and so we don’t have a firm plan. Once Microsoft actually releases our content bundles, we’ll be able to think about how best to proceed, based on the time.