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Uneventful Event

Taken from PS4 account

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Yup just saw that too.

The one time it’s a troop I want… :cry:

In addition the Bundles section is still from Broken Spire like Gob-Chomper event is still active.

Hold your ponies, I’m sure they’ll fix it soon!

holds himself

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@Foresti reports Shop will be fixed at the top of the hour

Confirmed; my level 279 PS4 side has Ifrit now. Still need one troop to do the Drifting Sands task…

Unfortunately, the full fix won’t be live for 2 days. Please check out my official post on the matter here:

I’m on Xbox. With the delay, are the Drifting Sands troops still in the chests as normal?

If the new troops have NOT been deployed on the Xbox server-side, then I’d like to know what’s in the VIP and Event chests…

I believe you can still access Drifting Sands on the map, and the chest menu will tell you whether or not the chest data is Drifting Sands yet or not. (I think it is, but haven’t verified this morning.)

It’s really just the shop bundles & news text that won’t get updated until the 14th. Deathknight armor will also (finally) be available on XBOX on that date.

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That answers that question. That was on my Xbox One at around 9:40 PM last night.

Want to come in and calm down with a cider?