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Wrong bounty troops showing up

Wrong bounty troops showing up, they are all divines and not undead / deamon. Bounty captain dispels undead daemons, so bounty divine troops is clearly an error.
Because clearly the devs would not troll us with a completely useless bounty captain.

@Saltypatra @Cyrup
Please fix this asap, bounty is unplayable until fixed and I already bought tier 6 with gems.




@Sirrian @Nimhain

Please fix asap!


It’s ridiculous. The only good thing about the bounty captain is that it allows the valraven to be silenced. Aside from that it’s utterly useless. These team choices make no sense. We spend gems on a troop to specifically counter…nothing we’re pitted against in these fights!! Trolling is exactly what it feels like. It’s extremely weak as a counter period, but it should at least serve some purpose and give you a fighting chance. The options for a viable team are pretty slim if you want max bonuses. About halfway through even with four mythic troops I’m making it by the skin of my teeth. Divines are one of the strongest types even without the boost this week, so it’s expected to be more difficult. But these are especially piss poor troop options. It feels like I’m level 100 with barely any troops going up against a 3T meta PvP defense. All of the bounty troops are so far below the power curve they’re simply incompetent.


Totally agree, very poor design choice if the utterly useless bounty captain was intentional. Devs, please fix this or bad rep will spread like wildfire. Ok, I might be overstating that, but still, please fix.


Grrrrrr, 10 pm their time and no mention.

Opened a ticket with 505 games, hopefully they can fix this.

Of course wrong troops in soul forge, 12 minute fix. Wrong bounty troops and off to bed.


pretty sure its intentional. last time we had to face Pharos-Ra during Khetar week. :neutral_face:

Not sure what’s worse, the new bounty troop or the xbox servers. :rage:

Well I opened a bug report with 505 because my guild is pissed over this bs. It’s either a bug or they owe us a good explanation on why the bounty captain is so useless.

Happy to wait and see what’s up… Rather not use that troop at all. *eyeroll*

This is an easy dev fix too, and no restart required. Learned that after mean Sirrian took my zuul away.

505 has seen the ticket and forwarded the info and forum post to appropriate you know who. I guess that’s the best that can be done now.

All we can do now is wait, and hope they don’t deny it’s a bug.

I haven’t touched any Bounty fights yet, but after all the speculation on the forums I decided to go look at what all the hub bub is about, and now I get it. I still haven’t done any battles, but having a troop that silences and stuns Daemons and Undead going against Divine troops?! I mean what?!

Definitely ridiculous.


It is not like a bounty troop dealing twentysomething damage is any more useful at the higher bounty levels, so i think this gets blown way out of proportion…
I for one am happy to see a trend of making Bounty troops useful outside of the bounty events.

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I agree with making them useful outside of the bounty fight, for sure, but when you have a troop that is specifically made for daemons/undead, it just seems extremely puzzling that you wouldn’t then face said enemies in the bounty fights.


Oh yeah i absolutely get why people are irritated.
I just think the Irritation levels are way to high considering that any Bounty troop is going to be near useless in the higher levels of the event.
I don’t bother to cast either Sister Superior nor whatever other Bounty troop i decide to carry through the event anymore at higher levels.

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Most of the time, I spend my sigils in the lower levels to make sure I get all the rewards done…if I have any left after that, I try the harder ones, but in most cases I don’t even bother

Can we just trade 1-2k gems for all 20 stages of bounty rewards and call it a day? Cause essentially that’s the only point of making us have to use weak teams or use whatever we want and buy lots of sigils. I’d rather have the rewards and my time than the current meta. Wasted at least 10 sigils trying to use 3 bounty troops at level 20. Waste of time. Highest I can dependably win with 3 is at Stage 18.
The “allegedly” broken RNG only makes handicap matches like this even worse.
If I decide to invest in this game again and I become vip 20. Can I be Rewarded the dart board that y’all determine troop selection from for things like this??
(Any ideas or thoughts in this post are that of my own. They do not reflect the words said by any dev to me. In neither a public nor private conversation.)


Ya with Doomskulls the Bounty battle are even harder than before:s

The computer is always favored in regards to Doomskull and cascade because of the ridiculous gap between the AI stats and the player stats.

The player aren’t saying the AI has a better RNG than the player, we are saying that when the AI get lucky we are fucked big time whereas ifbitbis the player that gets lucky cascade it won’t win the game…

This is the case for Raid Invasion Bounty and Pet rescue. The AI being “too strong” is a lot less important in PVP.

I don’t think the bounty troops are wrong, it’s intended. Last week Event was already horrible because of the choice of the troops. This week we just go further in the “let’s put some troops with high stats who can OS your troops or skull-cascadeyour team to death”.

And the only enemy that can give you a status effect is stonehammer too.

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