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Last Weeks' Bounty Troop (Sister Superior)

Hello, adventurers!

There’s been a little confusion over the weekend regarding this weeks’ bounty troop. It appears as though some players interpreted us releasing Sister Superior as a bug, but it was intentional. We wanted to experiment with releasing troops not directly related to the kingdom being faced.

As you can imagine, bounties are still relatively new for us all, so we’re experimenting with different types of troops, synergies, and counters. However, after the resulting community feedback we will return to releasing troops that will directly combat the weeks’ bounty. Thank you for making your opinions known, it has directly affected how we will move forward with bounties.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. :slight_smile:


This is great news. :smiley: It really felt like Sister was dead weight in this Bounty. It was a bit frustrating.


After all she helped to get Whitehelm to 9 :star:

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I wasted at least 400 gems on this experiment. My mistake. Lesson learned.


I don’t really understand: Sister Superior is a bug? :confused:

The issue is not the Bounty troop, but the pool of enemy… We should have fought versus Undead/Daemon and not Divine troops…


Some people felt that releasing her was a bug. I am clarifying that it was intentional, as we wanted to experiment with the bounty troop being unrelated the enemy pool. (Does this make more sense?)

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It would work, IF the troop that was released was not targetting specific troop types that just didnt appear.

Thats why she was useless. In the future, she may be useful, but this week, she was beyond useless.


@Saltypatra Why did you want to experiment with a troop that is completely useless? All her ability did this week was gain an extra turn. The only thing she could be used for is a skull sponge up front.


Understood but what I am saying is from what I read, players took the enemy pool as the bug and not Sister Sup.

So if next time it is a Khaziel bounty you’re going to release a non-Khaziel troop (let’s say a dwarf killer) and put dwarves in the enemy pool?

Right? I don’t mind experimentation, that’s how we grow and learn. But, if I’m going to be a glorified guinea pig, I would like to at least be “in the know” from the get go. Because, I’m indeed a person, not a lab rat.

I feel the next time they want us to run on the hamster wheel, they should at least be upfront about it and not only tell us after the fact.

Just my opinion on the matter.


That’s an unusual explanation…

The next 2 bounty troops don’t even care what kingdom they’re facing off against. Its literally just this one that made absolutely no sense.


I think whats annoyed people the most, is the fact that the event is heavily pay to win. You HAVE to spend a lot of gems to be able to finish the event, or get decent rewards. You expect the troop that you get after spending all that gems, to be helpful towards getting all the rewards.

It wasnt. Not even close. I know that the only reason I personally, and Im sure most others, kept her in the team, is for the bonus points she gives for the week.

Experimenting with the dif troops is fine. Hell dif kingdom troops are fine as well. Id say honestly 99% of people dont care where the troop is from, as long as it is useful against the enemies fighting, OR useful in a team to fight said enemies.


I’m still coming to terms with doing Tier 5 and not even finishing stage 18.
Soooo many losses…OP troops + Screwy RNG + 3 against 4 at all times. I never stood a chance. Me being stubborn kept me trying though. Finally I settled for this build against level 18. Worst raids ever last week, worst bounty ever this week. And most likely… My worst GW next week.
Can’t help but feel GoW is moving backwards instead of forwards in the fun department.
(At least we have pets though… The last 24 hour rescue be damned…I still enjoy the rush of hourly rescues).

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Agreed with pets, not a fan of the 24 hour event, understand why, but would rather it be finished when a person finishes it, and they can start triggering pets again for everyone else that has finished it.

I done tier 5 as well, finished 18 and almost hit 19, would of if it wasnt for the loss’s i had, a lot more than normal. I ended up farming 18 as well though


The fun department, the sense department, the fairness department, and pretty much every other “department,” I, originally, got into this game for. They’ve all been taking a hit, as of late.


Let’s just not do that again. Not fun at all.


what is the experiment about? to gauge if a large number of players still spending gems to get a not so helpful troop for a particular event? to see how far you can push?


I thought it was intentional.
I mean, it was Divine.
I can just see the meeting…
« Mmm, players can use Infernus. Skadi. Jotnar. Let’s give them a dud this week, to make things a little hard »

I expect more crappy Bounty Captains for Daemon week…


You must be under the mistaken impression that because you’re a paying member that your opinion counts… it doesn’t. They will do as they please and that’s about the extent of it.
They fix minor issues and break new things every week. It’s been 3+ months since there hasn’t been a few new issues EVERY WEEK ON RESET.
You’d think they might try harder or actually do testing but clearly they won’t/don’t.
Edited to add that I’ll full expect to be banned for pointing out facts.
Because clearly they thought it would be a good idea to release useless bounty troops… and not address many many other issues.


Well that seemingly useless troop did serve three purposes for me during the Bounty.

  1. Stunned Valraven so Parrot can silence it
  2. Removed enchant from Valraven when Emperor Liang’s 3rd trait activated it
  3. Adequate meat shield in front of Parrot, Pharaoh Hound and Infernus :wink:

I definitely slayed at least 3 more Valravens thanks to Sister Inferior. Thanks!