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A "How do you do?"

To the Console development team.

I have spoken out alot latety. Every time I criticise the game or development team my Mana Masteries disappear and my Banner color(s) start dropping less than 10%. Yesterday, I showed 3 instances of the “ghost Troop” bug and my game was outright unplayable for 10-11 hours.

Not a conspiracy theory either, this has happened at least 14 times in the last two months. I have pictures of developers telling Guild leaders to NOT communicate or add me.

In short:

I’m not mad, all your efforts have produced ZERO results other than a few extra tough battles. I am part of the #1 Console Guild, have all Troops (most are Mythic), hit the Soul wall and I still win most games because my team-building skills are far superior to the game’s AI.

Keep coming at me, I welcome it and will continue throwing it back at you.

Your friend,


Not sure about this one bro

To be clear - you are claiming that we are deliberately targeting you, changing your gem drop rate, altering your master levels, and even preventing you from playing the game?

I don’t feel you’ve been “speaking out” recently in any sort of negative way - we’ve been getting bug reports from lots of people since our last patch, which is normal. But do you think we’re angry about your devotion & consistent support of the game?

For what it’s worth - we don’t have the power to target you directly in that way, and we have no reason to do so even if we were malicious enough to want to.

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Oooookay. I’m locking this thread and will be contacting you personally.


I would like to see those pictures. I have strong doubt of the devs wanting to waste their time with one person out of the thousands that are vocal about game problems.

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