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Where are the devs

Mixer queen is at it again. Where are the devs at? Do your job and put a stop to this mixer crap. Please dont respond and tell me its not cheating because i dont wanna hear it. I think its a unfair advantage and if the devs wont do anything then 505 needs to shut this game down. Nobody is gonna stream their battles and have the guild leader babysit .i was in this guild and the verbal abuse endured by this leader is reason for a permanent xbox ban. You told me not to play my guild wars without you sharing my controlling or telling me what to do. I told you i can play my own battles and dont wanna share my teams and you kicked me saying thats not how its done here. You will eventually get caught and banned. The devs need to get with mixer and ban it on gw weeks.


These are some straight out lies. I have never done this to anyone. LMAO Who are you. I save all of my private messages.Mixer%20photo


Let’s just stop this one before it starts, yes?