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Mixer and cheating

Why when someone mentions mixer or cheating 1 guild leader comes out swinging like she/he is on top of the world and defending its self when nobody said anything about that guild. We all know its cheating!!. Why the devs let this continue is beyond me. It is ruining the game and I think that whole guild needs to be banned especially the leader. It not fair for other players to have to be beat 5 guilds and the mixer guild. You all say you cant do anything to stop it but i remember the rain of keys glitch was quick to be fixed. Seriously who in their right mind is gonna broadcast the gw match on mixer for everybody to see. I suggest the devs watch mixer next gws and you will understand and begin to put 2&2 together. EVERY MATCH!!! with 5 watchers { ESPECIALLY THE LEADER} lol . I respect my guild and 8 others for playing fairly… Thank you

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If you cant beat em call them cheaters lol


If a human is playing the matches it isn’t technically cheating.


I think it’s odd that we beat a certain other Forums member here!

In all seriousness though, @truethat, just do a VERY quick Forums check on the policy for cheating or any of the other posts about cheating, and you’ll quickly see that the Dev’s are handling any form of cheating to the best of not just their ability, but as much as they are comfortable with at the time being.

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block mixer during guild war week and problem solved.

lol the devs cant even fix the server lag.

I do have an issue with calling it cheating. The event is called guild wars, not my war, I war, or 1v1 I swear on me mum. It is a team event. It’s not a game of chess where it is just you going at it for yourself or in this case directly playing against another person. Would it be right to ban mics for fps games since they talk to each other? Should we never allow chatting in mobas? Team events require teamwork. I can tolerate you claiming how it is sneaky, but it is not hacking the game or tampering in any manner. Maybe no one should share offense or defense teams either and never mention the opponents teams while we’re at it. Character attacks like this are low and becoming ever too common.


Mixer is no different from screen sharing on Discord with the voice chat enabled, and there are plenty of guild that do that already. It’s not cheating. It’s working with you4 guild for maximum results. That’s the point of a guild anywa6.


Mixer is sort of like account sharing, you could give your password to a guildmate use your account for whatever reason, such as beating a particular challenge, and this is not considered cheating by the devs.

I see account sharing as “poor sportmanship” in pvp because of the unlimited number of battles such accounts could attain, which leads to some other issues, but in other modes like GW there is a limited amount of battles to fight and earn points. Also hading out the control of your game/account to others does not guarantees a perfect score or even prevents you/others, from being succesfull.


I don’t think that tools like Mixer is great because each player should play and improve to be able to play like a good player… We help other players during GW but only on few screenshots by battle, not the whole battle.
Then, calling them cheaters is too much and if you are not happy about that, you can also use Mixer :slight_smile: .

I think you forget about the trainers which can boost stats of the troops and then the human player can have a very easy battle.


Especially using Discord when is more than one Guild in the same Discord Channel. But that’s not cheating either


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Screenshot_20180819-001606_Chrome Batter’s up. Swings and the bases are loaded.


I’m not sure what I feel about Mixer. Helping your guildmate playing is one thing, playing for them is quite another thing entirely. While it is not cheating by standard rule, it shouldn’t be encouraged either for the sake of healthy competition.

P.S. Why do I feel like OP is someone’s alternative account…?

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It is not the person’s original account. Everyone plays their own game let’s get this straight. People are always assuming when they don’t have the facts. Instead of sitting around and hogging all of the great teams and not sharing them with the guild their shared with everyone so anyone can score as high as they want using the teams that are provided during the mixer streams. It really makes it a Level Playing Field for all involved playing Guild Wars. I think people are generally mad because there are no more secrets to be kept. Open market. One player has made it to home base.

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Some posts/complains are very identical in essence. But depending of the individual you are referring to it wouldn’t be surprising at all… Alas, i think we’ll still see more threads about Mixer in the upcoming weeks.

If you guys talk about me the answer is no :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m talking about you. :sunglasses:

What are we talking about again?


They saying the OP complain are similar to someone and think it’s an alternative account


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