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Considering the actual formulae have never been revealed, and that people get screwed out of matches by both in-game (crash) and at-reset (auto-0) bugs, no, I have no faith in the legitimacy of GW scores. I can see how the mode would appeal to some, but those “some” do not (and have never) included me.


I’ve already stated that we are looking into the trainers mentioned earlier. Also, to our knowledge there has been no further colluding in Guild Wars.

Down in bracket 16, the rewards are minimal enough that there isn’t a huge incentive to cheat. Or put up meta teams. I have a lot of fun playing those five matches, since they are tense without being repetitive. And I trust that the scores are correct, up to the odd connection error (which nobody in my guild has ever reported).


I’m curious as to what you are intending will come out of this line of inquiry. Are you asking the devs to preemptively investigate all GW guilds for patterns that could imply collusive behavior? I should think that time is better spent altering the mode to make it impossible or impractical to gain an advantage by partnering.

No, I am attempting to understand the purpose, nothing more. I thought we’d already gone over the cheating/collusion issue in great detail and the devs had outlined their response plan then.

I thought we had too.

Ok well then since you both feel that way i will keep my thoughts and concerns to myself.

Feel free to do with this thread as you see fit

Oh the irony :wink: .

What are you talking about?

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Do you understand what irony means?

Here lemme help you.

a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result

So what exactly is ironic about this thread @turintuor? I understand the comparison you are trying to make but there is one problem bruh…

I didn’t tell them to leave my thread like you did… I left my thread to them.

That is the difference pimpin and if you cant see that then i am unable to help you.

Have a wonderful evening bruh