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Mixer and controller sharing

I am confused on mixer. Is this ok to use for guild wars. Seems to me 1 person doing all 30 battles is a unfair advantage. Please let me know cause I suck at guild wars but dont wanna get in trouble if I do this. One guild does it on xbox already because i saw the streams. Thxs

It’s at best a morally grey area. This has been brought up before and devs said because they have no control over mixer they can’t do anything. So have at it. You won’t get banned.


It would have been nice to have someone else do my homework back when I was still in school.


Yeah, this guy’s really threatening your GoW scholarship.

How cant they have no control over the game they code? Did their outsource it or something?

They consider it an external program that doesn’t modify any game data.

Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by “consider”? They build a different program and then put in in as a part of the game? Or someone else build it for them and they can’t do anything about it?

I am an android user but as far as my knowledge takes me, it is a function available on steam (pc).
It gives you control to the other person’s game just like IT helpdesks do after taking your IP address.

I guess it’s sort of a screen sharing tool, so it’s like having someone come for a visit to play at your home, just without any traveling involved. A more complicated way to achieve the same is to post a screenshot after every move, then ask for the action to take next.


When software is told a click happens, it doesn’t get detailed information about why. It’s just told the mouse cursor is here and this button was clicked. Same with keyboard buttons. The program only knows which keys were pressed.

There’s no special bit of information that says, “Oh, and also this came from Mixer”. That makes it really hard to detect. Sometimes you can catch people writing bots because their mouse movements aren’t smooth, the dumb ones tend to just put the cursor directly over what they want then immediately click. But this isn’t botting, it’s another human playing the game.

That means the devs could spend months of effort trying to detect it and fail. They’d rather spend their time on actual features.

My goodness we are talking about mixer again. So I guess mixer is like telling another person what move to make which is kind of like having someone else do your battles. Some on mixer might just be streaming their battles so people can watch and see how they play. In either case there are way more things to worry about IMO.


Wrong!!! Some have audio and you can clearly hear them say “this one” as they are checking to see if thats the proper move to make.

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Ok so I have friends over at my house telling me direct what move to make. No difference. One you can see the other you cannot. We both are getting help. My friends really rock at wars. Paragon thanks very much. :muscle:


They should ban caddy’s from golf. Spotters from snipers. Every single “let’s play”. In fact… Every gamer should go back in time 30 years and not have access to folks outside the room that they are in while gaming.


A few months ago, the devs said something like that about Mixer: “We dont approve the use of Mixer, unfortunately we have no control over it. We dont consider it cheating”. So what does that means if you read between the lines? Probably something like that: “Of course using Mixer is cheating! But as we cant do anything against it and have no control over it, its much easier for us to tell you that we dont consider it cheating!”.
But tbh I’m much more concerned by having no answers to the bugs/translation errors I am reporting here… I wonder if there is still a dev around…

30 years ago, there already was a sort of Internet…ever heard of Us Robotics 14,4k? JR Comm? BBS? I was connected to the whole world with my Amiga at that time.

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Can you… do this?

Like… is it an actual offer?

If I could go back 30 years I’d probably turn out roughly the same, but I know which games not to buy and don’t have to replay a lot of them. This would do wonders for my backlog! Nobody was ever in my room 30 years ago anyway.


They posted a while back that devs will no longer answer bug reports under most circumstances. They’ll read them and get them looked at, but you won’t get any feedback or acknowledgment so you just kinda need to take it on faith.

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Let me guess, a different guild wins B1 on xbox and up comes this argument again lol.


Actually no, if you read between the lines you get something like this: “Look, we can’t lock every Guild Wars player into an isolation cell until they’ve completed their matches. Of course you’ll be communicating with each other, especially within a guild event where overall success depends on each member performing well. We’d really prefer you to use in-game tools for it, we realize that there are far superior options than guild chat available though. Feel free to share information any way you want, just don’t pester our support on how to get your screen sharing working for Skype.”