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Mixer and controller sharing

I think you are making a confusion between 1) sharing strategies before GW battles with teammates, sharing ideas, teams that might work and 2) taking control of another members account and play all the moves for him. (1) is perfectly fine, not (2). But to each his own opinions and interpretations.
If the devs said about (2) that they dont encourage it, there is a reason. As I already said above, they didnt say more about it simply because they know they have no control over it and cant do anything against that.
Do you think the devs will say something like “yeah, of course its great if the few best members of a guild do all battles in place of all the weakest! Keep doing that! Its exactly the way we meant GW to be played by a group of 30!” ? :roll_eyes:

First, there’s the dev angle. They don’t like this, but in the end it doesn’t matter how they feel because unless a build posts a livestream of them doing it the devs can’t detect it. They don’t want to waste resources on things they can’t do, so they aren’t. So there’s no real call to action, that topic’s dead unless something all the way down at the OS level changes.

Second, the player angle. You’re trying to change other players’ minds about whether it’s right or wrong. That usually doesn’t end well. Don’t say “to each his own” if you’re going to follow it up with another paragraph about how people who disagree are wrong!

:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: At least remains good laugh on this forum! Thats the most important thing…

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Yes, they don’t want to support any Mixer related issues, whatever those might be. If they encourage players to use Mixer, players will expect support if some parts of GoW don’t interact well with Mixer, or some parts of Mixer don’t interact well with GoW. Note that the devs even allow account sharing between multiple players, which goes far beyond anything you can achieve with Mixer.

No, I expect them to not say anything at all, there’s nothing to be gained from repeating over and over again that they consider it well within the rules. They have zero interest in imposing arbitrary limits on how players enjoy playing the game, as long as it’s players and not bots playing the game. I imagine they are even happy that players help out each other, it improves player retention.


They have interest in keeping the game modes they create and the competition fair and not let it become a circus.
And when a player play all battles for another, then this player is not enjoying playing the game anymore because…he actually dont play it!
Now thanks again to Slypenslyde and you for the good laugh. Ciao!

@anon43026234 being right doesn’t give you the right.

The way I see it, IF the GoW dev crew explicitly stated that using third party software to share your screen in XB1 is not cheating THEN your or anyone’s opinion is just that, an opinion. Stay healthy and happy by not fighting against the ocean?

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Im not english speaker but I guess your 1st sentence have a few missing words, no? or is it an english saying?
I already repeated on this thread 3 or 4 times “to each his own opinions”… maybe you have not see it? Of course what we all say here are just opinions.
btw you should read again my very first comment, you will understand better the reasons why the devs said about Mixer that they dont consider it cheating.

being right doesn’t give you the right” (to complaint about it and expect to change it for you being right. You are entitled to think it is cheating, for the many reasons you may show, however that does not change the fact that you have no right to read between the lines of an (official?) statement and change its meaning to push for what you believe is right.)

You quoted the following:
“We dont approve the use of Mixer, unfortunately we have no control over it. We dont consider it cheating”.
I understand English (btw it’s not my native language either so I’m sorry for any mistakes) and that sentence clearly confirms that the use of Mixer is valid, allowed and legal, so I’m not sure what would one want to accomplish by complaining the way you have. Not picking any sort of fights, as I said in my previous interaction with you, just trying to give a friendly advice


In my 1st message on this thread, I answered to the thread opener by telling him that devs dont consider it cheating. So I think it was clear from me.
And yes, I have absolutely the right to complaint about Mixer use or whatever other subjects. I also have the right to try to change someones mind about any subjects. In the end he stay with his original stance or not. No prob. Everybody here also have the right to try to make me change my mind on any subjects they desire as well. So when you write “Being right doesnt give you the right to complaint about it and expect to change it for you being right”. Its just what I call a nice load of crap.
You or others dont like what I say is the least of my concern.
About reading between the lines, its just called common good sense. If they dont approve the use of Mixer, no need to be a genius to understand why. And yes, I have the right to read between the lines of whoever is writing here on this forum and make my interpretation of it. Its not called an assertion (affirmation?), its just an interpretation hence the word I used: “Probably”… based on this weird concept called Common good sense. I may be wrong, people can tell me Im wrong. No prob.
I know common good sense is something that tend to disappear in the 2000s, but here an exemple: Big math exam in University. There is a math genius and all the rest suck at math. Im the guy who will think its cheating if the math genius complete the math test for all the rest of the class. And some others will find it perfectly fine, not cheating.
And yes, I find that the people who think its not cheating are completely dumb!
And they can tell me I am completely dumb to believe its cheating…no prob! Im not a flaggy-flag little kid anymore.
Now Im done with this subject. It was a pleasure to read other opinions about that. :smiley::ok_hand:


Lol, it amuses me how you still think that being right entitles you to be agressive/cocky.
Evidently you are at least not as smart as you think you are, you just gave proof of it exactly with your overreacting.
I hope you don’t keep harassing fellow forum members :smiley: for one I’m sure I won’t be around to see it if you do.

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My feelings on mixer is it’s a non issue. For starters I highly doubt there is one person in a guild playing 30 guild mates battles. I doubt that 30 people would give access to their account INFO. Nearly every guild has people that have language barriers as well so that’s another big problem. Is there one or two people that may trust each other doing it? Probably. Does it effect guild wars? No. You still have to play the battles and it’s no different than me inviting my neighbor over and handing him my controller and doing my battles. If mixer was only available to say one guild I might have a different opinion on it. Anyone can use mixer and from what I have heard it’s a lot of work. Some do not want to put in the work but complain about the ones that do. People play lots of games on mixer and IMO it gives the game exposure kind of like Tacet on You Tube.


Let’s start with this:

Here’s a redundant conversation:

A: “I think the best color is green.”

B: “I think the best color is yellow.”

A: “I think you’re wrong.”

A is not adding to the dang conversation. A already stated a very exclusive opinion about the best color. B contributed a different opinion. Anybody with “something called intelligence” probably has intuited, at this point, that A will not agree with B’s opinion.

So it sort of sucks that A showed up to say something that was already on the table. A could have maybe brought new evidence to light. A could have brought out some facts or discussed why they like green instead of yellow. But they already had that chance and didn’t take it. So now they are “extending the discussion” or “creating an argument”, based on how you look at it.

The longer the chain goes on, the more it’s “just an argument” and not a discussion. I’d argue we go by Lincoln-Douglass rules and the longest it should go is:

A -> B -> A -> B.

At that point, B has had a chance to explain what they don’t like about A’s position. A has had a chance to respond to B’s new information. B gets to have the last word because A opened the discussion. Most of the time once you get past this part of the chain, it’s just two people yelling the same things at each other. It’s pointless.

But you go beyond and made it antagonistic, too:

See, this isn’t politely saying, “I disagree”. That’s saying, “if you disagree with me, you are stupid, for only intelligent people think like I do.” That alone is enough to turn off anyone who might’ve been listening. You didn’t stop there.

Again, “only stupid people disagree”.

You aren’t “allowing people to disagree”. You’re putting an insult on the table and saying, “Anyone who disagrees is bad.” If you were “allowing people to disagree” the thread would already be over. But it’s clear to any observer that, for you, the thread isn’t over until everyone agrees:

  1. You are smarter than they are.
  2. This is cheating.

There’s not a lot of supporting evidence for either claim yet. (2) is completely subjective so not worthy of further discussion. (1) can be subjective, but evidence to support it could exist. It just hasn’t been posted.


You absolutely look smart when you write 4 paragraph of bs.


Based on the quote (trying to read between the lines here) I think the question really lies on the devs.
If they had the means of control would they consider this cheating?
The quote sounds more like they would ban it if they could but regretfully they lack the resources.

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Given that this thread was a simple request for information by the OP,

I think it really should have ended after the 2nd post, by Fleg,

or perhaps after some quotes/screenshots were provided – which I’ll attempt to do now.

If you enter ‘Mixer’ into the forum search, the first result is another thread by the original poster, @truethat, about a year ago, asking why the Devs allow the use of Mixer (as truethat firmly believed it to be cheating):

Locked threads. Weird.

It got a bit convoluted, so it’s perhaps (:stuck_out_tongue:) understandable that @truethat wasn’t able to find the answer they needed for the question at hand. Nonetheless, screenshots of Dev responses in and around post 23 from that thread provide a pretty fair indication:

To follow up on this, there was a very definitive answer in the next thread listed, which was running around the same time:

And more, scrolling down the list; more recently, even (March '19):

And again, here (May '19), where CanyonSurfer posted a screenshot of Salty’s above response, on a thread asking essentially the same question as the OP.

I haven’t seen any comments or announcements since from the Devs that would indicate they’ve changed their mind; @truethat, I’m pretty sure you’ll be okay.