Who is It Chat Thread


This chat thread was requested by several of our guild members. So, go for it, people! I’m up for any and all discussion topics between our guild folk as long as it is within GoW forum rules.


Apologies for intruding, I just felt I’d inform you for future reference that there’s actually a ‘Guild Chat’ option when creating a topic.

All right, I’ll leave you to it then!


Thank you, Zelfore. I must not have scrolled down far enough in the options.


So, I have been playing for a couple weeks now & and have a good understanding of the game. The biggest thing that I do not understand is, when I am invading someone, am I facing them, or am I facing a computer that is using their deck?

Also, I have unlocked all of the kingdoms and now I would like to know where should I put my gold, how much should I be putting towards guild tasks, and where else is gold useful for?

Just to let the guild know, since I am currently in school, my game play is limited to the consistency bonus and 1 or 2 games.

I just fought and won my first invasion. Does this mean the person who I fought can now invade me? Is this how the defend button works?

Also about invading, does the system try and match me with similar lvls because I am @ level 35 and I fought and beat a lvl 44, which I was fine against, it is just that I do not want to face a lvl 100 right now :stuck_out_tongue:.

That is it for now and I love that we have a chat forum up and running.


Philosopher, I’ll try to answer your questions.

When you invade someone, you are playing against a deck that hero set up, but you actually playing against the AI, not the other hero in person.

Your gold is yours to do with as you wish. Unlike some other guilds, I do not dictate what tasks players should complete. As guild master, I try to complete the ones with the most amount of gold contributed, as I assume someone in the guild wants that reward & I try to help them out. But you can put your gold toward any task and in any amount you wish. Just save some for battles, as all fights have a gold cost.

As far as how much you play, my only rule is if you don’t play for 30 days straight, you will be removed from the guild. I figure any one who hasn’t played for 30 days has either quit entirely or doesn’t care much about the game, and I want there to be room for new people to join.

The defend button is to retaliate against people who have invaded you. You can get some decent rewards by fighting and defeating players who have defeated you in an invasion.

As far as I can tell, the level of your hero is not nearly as important as the troops you are using to invade/defend. I am at level 347 (I think), but I have defeated players at level 1000 consistently. When I first started the game, like you, I declined to fight heroes hundreds of levels above me. But the hero’s level doesn’t seem to matter very much; it’s the troops and their abilities that seem to be more important.

What troops are you using now? Have you leveled them up to 15? It does make a difference if your troops are at maximum level, as they get significantly stronger.

Hope that helps,



Hello River,

my troops are first to last

1x Drake Rider (lvl 15)
1x Sheggra (lvl 15)
1x archon statue (lvl 15)
1x me ^^ (bloody ax - 7 dmg to first enemy).

Those are my only lvl 15 troops. As for my synergy, my main one is the Drake Rider makes a lot of red gems and my sheggra turns them into skulls. Once Drake is dead, that combo stops cold and then the game simply turns into a 1v1 each troop for themselves kind of deal. I am in the process of leveling Luther (to go from lvl 1 to 15 is 2715 souls :stuck_out_tongue:) as I believe he will add to the rider-sheggra synergy by increasing my troops’ damage - I would take out the statue.

My current kingdom is broken spire because it is level three, I get some benefits when I invade and defend from there. Once Luther is @ lvl 15, it will get to level 4 :smiley:.

My question for you is do you like my troop placement because I have read that placing is important and if I when I add luther, where should he be & what should be my placement look like.

What is your current troop build?

I am thinking getting the soul cleaver wepone as it will allow my character to synergize with sheggra when my rider is dead. What do you think?



Correct me if I am wrong, but what I think I remember is that Drake Rider is purple/brown, Sheggra is red/brown, archon statue is green/brown and bloody axe is red for their mana requirements. If this is correct, then you have a lot of duplication as far as your mana requirements are concerned. Mana will always fill from the top down - so all brown mana will go to the Drake Rider before it filters down to Sheggra and the archon statue, and it will only fill them if you hold off on using the charge on the Drake Rider for a turn or two. If you add Luther, who is blue/brown, it seems to me that you will have a lot of troops whose mana will be difficult to fill.

For myself, I try to have at troops that can use all mana colors. My current build is all legendaries - Gloomleaf (red/green), Golgotha (yellow/brown), Shadow Dragon (purple/yellow) and Crimson Bat (red/blue), Since your troops can use up to 8 colors and there are only six available, there will be duplication, but I think it works best for me to at least start with a build that can use all colors.

If you want to continue with Sheggra, Serpent is a blue mana troop that poisons the first to enemies & creates red gems. Banshee (purple/yellow) hits for at least 6 damage & creates red gems.

If you want the soul cleaver, go for it. I always get the new weapons because I never know when that mana color might come in handy.

Is the arena open for you? Since you fight with your hero and 3 random troops, it is a good way to test a troop’s skills to see if you like them & if they might fit well on your team. I found several that I like that way, such as Dwarf Lord and Wight. It’s also probably the fastest way to gain souls if you have completed all your challenges.