GW Mixer (sharing control) cheating or not?

So a couple day ago a saw an interesting conversation in global chat (yeah it happen sometimes). So in case people don’t know what is Mixer, this is a free application similar as Twitch. It is used to stream during your gameplay. But Mixer got one particularity, it got an option to share control.

What it mean? It mean people can stream and then decide to pass the control to a watcher and then the watcher can play for that person.

The watcher doesn’t even need to have the game installed since he play from the streamer account. So let say someone suck or really hate gw, he just need to ask a strong player in his team to play for him.

So if this person usually score 3/2(6000 points) he got better chance with a strong player to score 5/0(9000+ points) this is a difference of 3000 points. You might say 3000 points isn’t alot but, in top bracker it could make the difference between #1 and #2 and if you do it for 10 person, it’s +30k points on the board.

Now we are far from the “i tell you what move to do and you do it” the watcher literally take the control of your game.

So is it cheating or not? No callout and try to stay civil please. It’s just a discussion and i am curious to see what people think about it

How can this be construed as cheating. What’s to say that person isn’t sitting right next to you and you hand them the controller.

How is that any different?


I agree for 1 person it might make no difference but x5 or x10 it can considerably change scores

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I doubt the devs consider it cheating since they stated a long time ago that account sharing isn’t against the rules.


There is still only one person playing and a set number of possible battles. It would be almost the same as recruiting someone to help on GW week because a guildie couldn’t play.


Again you talk about 1 person let say you do it 20x is it the same?

This is nothing new.
Steam allows account sharing of GoW easily. This mixer method is doing it the hard way.


Still 20 people playing because other 20 can’t/won’t play. I honestly don’t grasp these concepts where you guys worry about such stuff… I guess to make you, and others, sleep at ease the logical step would involve eye-scans recognition before and after any GW Battle.

Heck, just ask it for every PVP battle and boom you have your fair ground… :sweat_smile:


Interesting ty for the infos i didin’t know about that i am not a streamer expert :slight_smile:

I’m saying you can easily log into my steam account and play GoW for me. Has nothing to do with streaming.


I understand what you saying but NORMALLY isn’t suppose to be 30 x 1vs1 and not 10 people splitting the job? I mean do you reallly think the devs designed that mode to be played that way?

Sorry for the analogy but if you play hockey, everyone need to participate to get his name on the stanley cup. If you didin’t play you got not ring no name :slight_smile: i know it’s ridiculous but you see my point i guess

Of course they consider it cheating. The only thing is that the devs perfectly know that they cant do anything against that so its much easier for them to simply say that they dont consider it cheating. Its as simple as that.

GW is meant to be played by 30 members, not 1, 5 or 10 members playing for all 30 members.
Imagine you are doing a sport that have team competition. Lets take an exemple: You play Chess in a club and you will face another team in a competition. Each team have 10 members, your team have the privilege to have the world champion. Now what do you think the other team would say if they have to face 10x the world champion because he decided to play for all his teammates?


I wouldn’t call it cheating, not the actual concept, as it is similar to letting a partner do your matches.

However, letting a stranger play your matches simply because they are better, on a biblical scale, has a bit of a sour smell and definitely goes against the spirit of competition.


This is also an interesting point of view. It is possible to do it but morally i wouldn’t feel confortable using this technique. I would feel like cheating at an exam. Would i pass? Yes but would i be proud of Myself for accomplishment? I don’t think so

No this is not in any way “cheating” imo. They are not “glitching” / Hacking etc this is built right into the PS4 so any game can be played by anyone on your friends list. Do I think it’s cheating - no! Do I think it’s weak - Sure


That bring me to this question.

-what the points of having 30 vs 30 player guild war? Why not make it 5 vs 5?

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This is not in any way prevalent or a “problem” I’d bet. If 1 or 2 people let one or 2 people play their match a few times while they watch and learn - who cares

You are making a mountain of a mole hill imo


I do understand the feeling, but since the devs took no action against the colluding guilds in the past¹ i lost any faith that they would take an instance on such matters.

I can understand your competitive spirit, but this game obviously don’t have what it takes to warrant it. To some extent the watered-down competitivity is not so bad generally speaking. Any other game could probably consider insta-banning players if they detect this Mixer being used in large numbers.

¹ [Very unpopular opinion] All guids involved in collusions should have been at least dismantled! [/Very unpopular opinion]

It’s… an interesting question but I hesitate to call it cheating.

It’s not already impossible, and Mixer isn’t required to do it. As other people pointed out, you can have another person in the same room and let them play. Then it’s undetectable. But you could also use Google Hangouts, Windows Remote Desktop, or dozens of other applications capable of screen sharing to do it privately. Or you could give another person your invite code and password so they could link their device.

Is it shady? Sure. The most honest thing is for you to play your turns yourself. Is it cheaty? I’m not sure. I feel like the team you choose is far more important than the individual moves you make in GW. Sure, skill factors in and you’ll win more if a more skilled person plays your turn.

I don’t like it, but I kind of side with @Calv1n. I’d be surprised if it’s widespread and has notable impact on the upper brackets.

I mean, there’s not a rule against someone like awryan making 30 alts, playing obsessively, and running a guild made completely out of himself. That’s kind of analogous to the extreme of this case.


I can’t speak to other platforms but on the PS4 this ability is built right into the system so it can be easily done with a couple of button of pushes (The idea being if your friend buys a game you can than “try it before you buy it” which is an awesome feature in principle.

I have however tried this a few times in other games to see if I would like the game and to make up my mind to buy it and on the PS4 if you and the person you are “sharing” with do not both have great internet speeds this mode sucks a lot. It’s laggy, it is prone to disconnects etc… I can’t imagine anyone doing this often or enough people doing it to be a problem Even if hypothetically there were thousands of players doing this how could the Gems team stop it? They don’t the have the resources to live monitor the game I’d suspect by the cycle I’m seeing of issues arise and issues get fixed. They have way bigger issues to fix and improve upon than this minor to non existent “problem” I’d think. Anyway unless a dev comes in and comments on the issue and how wide spread it may or may not be I’m going to assume it is such a small fraction of the player base as to not matter at all.

Finally, If a top guild has a player that needs someone to play all their GW battles I’m betting that player gets replaced with a better player pretty darn quick