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Is it Cheating to let another guildmate do your GW battles for you?

As in, weaker players letting the best player log in as them do their battles for them then log out. I’m not calling out anybody, just asking the question so we know for clarity.

No idea what views the devs would have.

To me this isn’t cheating (no greatly unfair advantage is gained, still same number of battles fought) but it is pretty silly.

Do the same members get their guildmates to tie their shoelaces or wipe their bottoms for them?


It’s definitely not in the spirit of competition.


If this is a matter of handing your phone to your IRL significant other or friend (who play in the same guild) because you’re crazy busy with some other project or task so they can get your battles done while you work, then I say it’s no problem. My wife and I do this frequently if one of us is busy.

The idea of giving my login credentials to anyone I don’t deeply trust IRL feels pretty sketchy for any reason. Even so, I don’t really care who’s nudging the gems around the board for any given account. The devs have not taken a strong stand against account sharing even though it has been (and may continue to be) a factor on the PvP leaderboard. If that’s fine, then this is fine.


They have already said they have no rules against account sharing. This is just a subset of that, so no rules against it.

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That’s ridiculous for you to even ask if it’s cheating,but i’ll reply to say of course it’s not cheating.

If money is involved, I would call it cheating. Since money is not involved, it is just lame and pathetic.


You just described my sex life


That no money is involved?

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If you were unavailable, I’d say it’d be fine for a teammate to somehow play your battle. But if the reason was to just replace a lower skilled with a higher skilled player that would be suspect. Unless it was between two ‘partners’ as you can’t be expected to enforce that. If all 30 members of The Wyatt Family guild were played by Granny Wyatt, that might be different.

Collusion cheating of course is making a deal between guilds to plan defense teams against each other to gain points. With the much needed troop bonus for unique teams it made collusion more difficult to detect. And it may not even be collusion, you put your toughest team against your closest rival and your weakest team against your most distant. A low bracket team might put up its best defense against another low bracket team just to stay in bracket one.

I don’t think there’s an objective answer for this.

To some people, “anyone does anything with an account that isn’t specifically theirs” is cheating. To some people, this case will cross a line because they might support account sharing, but they don’t like the idea of a player with a different skill level using the account competitively.

Personally, I think if one person wanted to create 30 accounts and run their entire guild, more power to them. I think that’d put the person at a severe disadvantage, because dividing your attention means individual accounts progress slower. (I also think trying to play GW with 30 unique accounts daily wouldn’t be worth it.)

I feel like that’s analagous here. If another person plays your account, it’s like your account is an alt of theirs.

To me, “cheating” happens when you gain some kind of unfair advantage. I think this isn’t “unfair” because the player using your account still has to use the teams/troops you have. It’s not like they get to bring things over and get points you wouldn’t get if you played yourself.

I think some people would say “the advantage is unfair because the guild ‘should be’ short a player and isn’t”. I don’t think I can find a way with logic to prove they’re wrong, but I also don’t think they can use logic to prove they are right. Instead, I think both of our opinions “make sense” subjectively, and you should do what your heart says.


I’d imagine Microsoft bans profiles for that as it allows people access to paid content they do not own.

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I think it’s probably not against the literal wording of the rules.

I also think it’s definitely against the spirit of the rules regardless.

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If it is a guild rule. (Ie if you score low in the previous week then you need to let someone else do your battles) then I would say it is cheating

If it is IRL friend or significant other then I have no issues.

Also if you have a guildy stressed about GW and you let someone else fo the battles then I have no issues (through technically this is againat the spirit)

Basically I think this is unenforceable unless there is proof of a guild rule supplemented with IP address data for that Guilds battles. If that occurs then said guild should be demoted ten brackets and suspended from guild wars for two weeks.

PS. Good question and discussion my views were changes by the responses

When discussions like this happen, it always reminds me why the devs need to expedite the 27/30 change. If the bottom 3 scores were dropped daily, people wouldn’t feel the need to invent shady solutions like these.

The change would help alleviate stress for so many guilds.


Funny question that no one has asked for 30 weeks then you take a loss and can’t handle it. You got beat because the other guild scored more points fair and square. End of story.

That stuff did not happen unless they are the ones doing it. Who the heck thinks of such nonsense! I know I would not let anyone I don’t know log in for me. Explain that to your credit card company if something happens.Silly silly silly

Not cheating, but pathetic any way i look at it.

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You got 6 day to do your fights so no reason someone else do your fight.

Multiple users playing a same account is allowed so I don’t see why it will be different for GW…
You can also screenshot every step of your battle and ask for help to your 29 guildmates to know which move is the best, is it cheating too? I don’t think so.

Whatever devs cannot detect both situations, so they will not give their point of view.

Not really. For the last GW war you have only one day. Etc.

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