Is it Cheating to let another guildmate do your GW battles for you?


if you miss that day only and someone did your fight i think it’s ok but there is a difference between this and 4-5 guys doing all the work for the 25 others.

I wish i had 5 account you would cry your mom and say it’s cheating :slight_smile:


That would require a lot of work and a lot of time for the 4-5 guys who would do that. I don’t know how long it would be possible for anyone to hold such a pace.


Well it’s not that long 5 account is only 25 battles you can do it in 1 hour of playing


I am happy when I do my 5 ones in 1 hour. :slight_smile:


Wow you take your time, i do mine in 10-15 min for real :slight_smile:


I think it’s ridiculous to say it isn’t cheating (when done to get an advantage, not to replace a missing person), but it’s a minor form of cheating that probably isn’t worth enforcing rules against in a competition with such low stakes.


How will you get better, if someone else is doing the fights for you? Stream them and others can help, but it is always better to do them by yourself.


It’s always better to do your own but it’s ridiculous that there’s still no provision for people having holidays, (heaven forbid) or any other family rl situation that might mean you can’t play. So personally speaking I see absolutely no reason why you couldn’t get someone else to do your gw battles for you. Whether it’s a guild mate or other family member. To even think it might be thought of as cheating is absolutely ridiculous.


Yeah like i said doing 1-2 fight for someone else cause he can’t do it is totaly fine in my eyes, what i mean is if the 6 best player decide to split the job to themself and play EVERYONE game, this is cheating imo but there is no way dev can detect it so keep going if it’s what you do :stuck_out_tongue: