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Guild Wars and sisters guilds

If two sisters guilds are in the same bracket and have to fight, how can we know that they can’t organize to set 1 troops defense and have mutual benefits from that? In my opinion that would be really unfair for the final weekly score.


So whats stoping you from making a deal with a guild that isn’t your sister guild? It would still benefit you both.


Basically, as @DonBoba said, there is nothing stopping non-sister guilds from doing this either. So the question is more, what are the rules around collaboration, is it allowed? And what are the penalties if it’s not?

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Yes, sure, but I think that it would be easier between sister guilds than between rival guilds :wink:


True, but in practice they shouldn’t get any special treatment (good or bad) just because they have strong ties to each other. Personally I feel there should be some kind of penalty for collaboration, but it should apply to any guild that collaborates to boost scores, not just sister guilds.


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Thanks for letting me know, I did not mean to offend anyone. I am still just shocked that some are defending this… This is pure cheat if you ask me, and it is backstabbing other guilds who plays it fair.


@Saltypatra @Sirrian
Not sure if this specifically has been picked up anywhere but this appears to be a valid concern
Would it be possible to have an official response regarding
a) Is “collaboration” between guilds allowed?
b) And if not what the penalty would be?
This would help ensure that everyone is at least on the same page regarding what the rules are.

Thank you


I agree, I started the discussion from sister guilds because that was my starting point, but I agree with you that all form of “agreement” should not be allowed


+1 to this

The thought of two guilds scheming together to give each other perfect runs is most definitely cheating. I could care less if they are or are not sister guilds. So, I would really like to know if this is on the devs radar and if they will penalize people cheating in this way.



Can we please get some information soon. It is a very serious matter, and I feel it is wrong to let us wait around…


Poor Salty’s going to wake up Monday morning (it’s Sunday night in Australia) to an email inbox full of frantic @'s…


a) Is Cheating/boosting/trainers allowed in any part of the game now? Because that’s what this is, boosting.
b) If I were the Developers I would give both guilds involved a 0 for the entire week I think that’s a fair penalty without being overly harsh. Unfortunately they would “get away” with 1 day of XP boost. But both Guilds would fall a few brackets with the goose egg.

I hope Sirrian responds to you.


They could always make it so defend teams cannot be set unless they have 4 troops. This wouldn’t completely solve this problem, but it would help with this and 1 troop defends in pvp too.


I think having four troops in Defense should be mandatory but past that I’m not sure how to enforce it beyond that? Will the devs have to scour around looking for 4x Peasant?
What could be more troubling is what criteria people are going to use as an “acceptable” defense in Guild Wars? If someone has a merely adequate or decent Defense but is not using the Meta Griefer or 50% boost Flavor Of The Week are they now a “cheater”? This might become one of those be careful what you wish for…

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or they could just lock defense team for entire week the moment attack points are given at tuesday

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A) The Developers do not have a problem with Account Sharing;
B) The Developers are working diligently on the Unity engine (to get away from the Adobe Air engine);
C) The Developers have indicated that they’re not focusing on Bots, which are (IMHO) a much larger problem than a potential Guild War alliance,
D) I don’t see what the difficulty is with “Sister” Guilds. (Intrim and Intrim 2 would most likely be considered “Sister” Guilds; Tacet has specifically stated that there was a “Sister” guild in this week’s streams.)

You’re going to find like-minded guilds, or at potentially ones that don’t have animosity towards one another.

Giving a “Goose Egg” (let’s say, taking away 172-173k points from a single hard-fought GW day) because of the POSSIBILITY of collaboration is overtly harsh. Taking away 900 battles’ (30 x 5, x 6 days) worth of results? I think you’d have a riot.

Now, in Anonymous, we’re 97.5k ahead of Intrim for the week as of this writing. We placed #2 last week (missed by less than 5k points.)

We have won 4 of the 5 wars this week because we, as a Guild, collaborate with each other. Our average War Win is 48k over the opponent. Our single War Loss this week is by less than 2k. Checking our results tab, we have 149 perfect 5-0 records, sixteen 4-1 records, and five 3-2 records- 824 wins to 26 losses. This, with only 29 people participating in the Guild War, as our latest recruit joined us Tuesday. The ONE war we lost- Thursday (Purple)- we had 13 of those 26 losses.

It’s not uncommon in our Discord to ask fellow Guild Mates to set a specific PvP defense so we can practice prior to combating in the Guild War. We share teams back-and-forth; our European and Asian allies scout for us poor Americans (reset happens at 3 am Eastern time; most Americans are in bed)- of which I am very grateful for.

Anonymous, AS A GUILD, works together AS A GUILD to help each other get through that particular Guild War day with maximum wins and maximum points. We have a Google Docs spreadsheet where we’re meta’ing the current week’s meta into our Attack Teams, as well as Defense teams. (Lord knows, I never would have used Poison Master as my starting Purple troop this week without the +50% buff. We also wouldn’t have seen as many Scale Guards.)

Now, rather than congratulate those who are doing well, haters have to hate. I understand; it’s part of human nature. Rather than congratulate the leaders, you want to drag them down. Let’s throw out a hint of impropriety in order to say that there’s no way for them to be so successful, rather than to potentially see how they work together towards a common goal in order to succeed.

Which would completely negate Elemaugrim, which dropped on Friday, and which I personally have 2 of the 3 traits. Heck, @Tacet even had him on Friday and Saturday’s stream, for gosh sakes!

Anyway, that’s enough of my rambling here.

– Tranimo


it would negate him for less then one week, i dont see whats wrong with that :wink:

I think you are VERY confused.

The developers have never ever, even once penalized players for “possibility” of cheating in over 2 years. They have stated this NUMEROUS times in NUMEROUS Threads. They only take action when its confirmed. It has always been this way, and will mostly continue.


@Strat ,
I’ve only been a member of the community for less than a month; I haven’t had the opportunity to search for every Developer comment. Please excuse my laziness in that regard- I was commenting specifically on your request for a goose egg for an entire week to a guild which may be working together with another guild to maximize points.

Now, I’m not casting aspirations on any guild potentially collaborating with another guild to maximize points. I’m also, in my previous post, looking out for my Guild mates and attempting to shield Anonymous from any hints of impropriety- we’ve worked diligently as a Guild to finish 2nd last week, and we’re currently 1st this week. As we’re going to be in the top percentile next week, I’m certain, when we’re back up to 30 of 30 participating in GW.

I’m also, quite plainly, indicating what our very successful guild has done to be exactly where we are. I’m giving the blueprints to a successful two-week run. Whether those who have not been as successful care to follow that blueprint or not, that’s beyond my control.

– Tranimo

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