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Guild "agreement" in bracket1 to arrange scores

So, at first we had this discussion about sister guild or colluding guilds organizing to set easy defense to help other guild maximizing their scores:


Then, after GW score was changed, we had this


And now, we have this

So, now everybody can make his own idea on how some guilds arrange scores in bracket1.

In other sports, when such a thing happens, the involved teams get demoted or disbanded.

Unfortunately, I’m conscious that at the moment we are talking about a practice that devs stated is not illegal, but for how I and my guild play, it’s for sure something out of a fair playing.

Mad King


This is disgusting behavior. Any guild doing this should be banned for GW for a few weeks and then demoted to a low bracket after the ban.


@madking need to block that players name… call out :frowning:

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I know… :wink:


I have removed your image as it violates community guidelines. If you call out a player a second time you will receive a ban.

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Which is devs reply to this?


We do not have a reply at this time. This thread is also going up at the end of our working day. If this thread gets too heated and violates guidelines once more time it will be closed.

We will only move on this issue if it is seen to significantly alter the results of GWs.

Community wants something challenging, devs give them GW to challenge each other, the only option in the game to do so. And then there are always who search for profit … makes me sad. Most players in those guilds probably dont even need all those rewards, as opposed to those who do it honestly and have to go to lower brackets due to that behavior. Human nature I guess


Political Correctness has the world gone mad. You can cheat, but the person that discovers it gets banned :roll_eyes:


Anyone who violates community guidelines has the potential to be banned. That’s why we have them.


I am not in favor of the callout, and believe it should have been handled under other more private means.

None the less, the information brought forward in the post is quite concerning.


Please contact support or myself with any information such as this in the future.

Support has been contacted by many 20 days ago, with all the evidence


Good to see we can see 50% of the teams from day three in the screenshot. :wink::+1:t2:

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As Tacet said, this is quite concerning…


If support or myself has been contacted then you have already taken the best course of action. Posting it publicly is unacceptable, especially because you didn’t censor any of the information in your initial post. It also won’t make us move any faster, as we are already in the process of investigating this again.

Could you please let me know if the new censored image is ok with community guidelines?

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In another discussion (PM me for details if desired), the two accused guilds appear to have gone 130-2 or better during the day they faced each other. That is substantially better than the average W-L rate in bracket 1. The margin between finishers during last week’s GW varies from 2,000 to 25,000 based on a quick estimate. That’s certainly close enough to have been affected by 130-2 vs 100-30.


148-2 for one and 135-1 for the other guild when facing


I agree with @Tacet and all that this is unacceptable. We also need to give time to the developers to really come up with a good and reasonable fix that is fair, and punitive if proved correct. I have faith that the devs have the welfare of the game at heart.