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In-game Polls feature

After a brief productive discussion with @turintuor at Guild "agreement" in bracket1 to arrange scores i wondered if this could be viable:

Maybe it could be inside the “News” tab/button where the devs could add said polls as they see fit. It should have buttons linking the official threads here in the forums for anyone that would like to add comments and feedback.

The polls would help the devs with certain decisions where the players could point some directions with their votes, it doesn’t mean they will need to consult us in every detail, but certainly some decisions could benefit from the data provided on those votes among other uses.

Polls are fun and all. The problem lies with what to do with the results. I’m sure people would have a hard time accepting that winning polls wouldn’t be implemented most of the times. GoW is not a democracy and IMO the forum already provides more than enough input than the devs would like from the players.

As i said, they don’t need to consult us on everything, because some stuff is better left as a surprise.
But giving us the chance of vote on something to be implemented, even if it’s just the next kingdom to be reworked for example, would be positive.

Also, i’m assuming this feature wouldn’t take a lot of work to be created. But i’ll wait for some feedback from Ozball or Saltypatra when they consult the team about it.

I think it would be a great feature for the dev’s benefit. And it can just be CQ stuff like

Did you enjoy the latest update?

I think it would create more problems than provide solutions. The only viable polls would be mainly for fun, like"which kingdom would you like to live in?" or "which free kingdom epic troop would you take on a date?"
Harmless fun polls. :slight_smile:

All polls here has the same issue: only 0.05% of the playerbase is represented (I don’t know the real %).
So in-game polls can give some legitimacy to some crucial questions: “do you think Wisp is OP?”, “do you like the new UI?”, etc.

Moreover, it makes players able to participate without having going here or on FB/Twitter.

These polls can also be used by devs to do some social events: “which kingdom do you want a new Mythic for December?”, etc.
Making player choices influences the game is, I think, one of the best options to make “followers”.

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