Top guilds want clarity in the Guild Wars scoring system!

After a two week break, a new system of scoring was established for GW last week. Although a thread had been created to demand suggestions about GW, which received hundreds of replies, the devs have chosen to make changes that were uncalled for on an aspect about which no one was complaining.

We are not happy with these changes, for many reasons.

The new system is quite complicated and opaque. Several people have tried to decipher the formula. Although some have a general idea of the weight of the different bonuses, it seems to be impossible for the moment to do it accurately and we may be missing some parameters. So the scores still seem to be more or less random to a certain extent.

Furthermore, some changes have been made during the GW week last week, about which we have had no information.

A competition is not fair if the scores are calculated differently depending on when the competitors take part in it.

We are not beta testers. We are guilds competing to win. We can’t give our best if the devs are trying out new rules and making ninja-tweaks in the middle of the GW week.

We need to know what we are doing right or wrong. And, in spite of all the data that has been gathered and analyzed, it is not the case so far. We need to know how we can improve and we need to be able, thanks to our knowledge, to help other players who are eager to compete in the higher brackets.

The very purpose of GW is to be competitive, and it fails if we don’t know why we have won or lost.

This new system also seems to rest on questionable parameters. It is supposed to rewards “good players”. But the definition of a “good player” according to this system seems to be very restrictive. Some styles of play are rewarded while others are penalized. Are people who play safely bad players? And the skills a “good player” is supposed to have depend to a large extent on RNG.

Instead of adding more diversity in the game, the new system penalizes the use of many troops (devour, death mark, true damages). GW had been a great opportunity to put in our teams troops that we had never thought of using before. Now our choice is more restricted. Not only are we going to always play against the same defense teams, but the variety of our attack teams has decreased.

That lack of clarity and that uncertainty may incite driven and ambitious end-gamers to quit the game, now or very soon, which will leave in the top 50 guilds a gap, that will be all the more huge in that finding new recruits can be quite complicated currently.

Complaints from some top 50 guilds may seem laughable at first, but we are the ones who form the endgame community and we strive to be competitive in a competitive game mode.

We are protesting because we love and care about the game and we prefer to try to make ourselves heard rather than just quit to play other games.

We hope that the devs are going to hear us and give back to GW its competitiveness, instead of making of it a mode that creates more confusion than fighting spirit.

We invite all the guilds that share our views to join our statement and to take part in our protest.

Black Pearl
Dark Riders
Intrim II
Marthos Guardians


I know I, in Stratagem, share your feelings. I believe almost all of our others do as well, but I will not speak for them.

As a control/defensive style player, this scoring directly hurts my scores.

At this point, I consider GWs less exciting than Treasure Hunt. A chore to be played every day. The only thing I enjoy about it is seeing a few of the more creative gambit defenses.


I understand your opinion, but until we have not a clear statement to avoid/block guild “collaboration” inside brackets, I think that all other words about “competition” are early.

Just my 2 cents


Add A W RYAN (Top in spirit, not rank.) To the list. Currently ranked 108. But #1 in your hearts!


Done. :slight_smile:


The Dev’s tried pleasing all those that were up in arms, complaining about GW.

The system was easy to understand, competitive and addictive.

If anyone dislikes the current model, you only have yourselves to blame if you were an instigator to the GW hate.


not really,
the ones who were trying to be creative and improve gw attacking aspect are, if anyone, to blame - but they were the minority
the majority of complainers focused on the gw defense or other stuff like rewards or attacks timing/availability which had nothing to do with this change to scoring system :disappointed_relieved:

and yeah i read the whole gw suggestion thread…


No, really :wink:

Complainers = Change to GW

The Dev’s mentioned that GW brought about more activity than any other change to GoW. Yet even with such an improvement to the application, it had to have its haters (you know who you are lol).

So to please those people, it was changed.

Edit: LOVED Guild Wars, went offline the instant it was put on hold, can’t see how any change that was made will bring about the fun and competitive nature it had prior. RIP GW, sorry about the haters…


it couldnt be changed to please “those ppl” if clearly it went completely opposite to what they were voicing

must have been to please some other unknown ppl…


Ok i know you are gonna call me stupid and a troll but i have to say…

The problem i have is with your elitist attitude in your op. Saying “top guilds want…” makes it sound like my pathetic little guild currently sitting at 168 amd climbing doesnt matter.

And thus your opinions count for more than mine? So if i opened this theead it could be ignored?

I am sorry but even though i agree i will not be adding GotO to your list of the guilds that “deserve to be heard”


DruidsGlade would like full transparency for how GW scores are calculated. Current GW structure provides no visibility to Defense scoring and only a limited understanding of Offensive scoring. GW matches seems mostly about RNG rather than player skill.

NowayJoe2Go, Leader of DruidsGlade


If you read the thread, you would have seen the op added someone who’s not one of the top guilds but rather just wanted to be heard as well.

Plus if you’re in one of top guilds and run 1 you tend to know who runs the other ones as well and Have some interactions with them as needed. It’s a lot easier using that as a baseline than it is trying to find the gm of guilds 100-10000.

So no not stupid or a troll. But they’re not as elitist as you’re thinking either.


I understand what you are saying and i know what guild you are in so ler me clarify…

I didnt mean to paint with a broad brush. I have no problem with the top guilds in general, hell i am in a top guild on ps4, my problem is with the OP as the opinion i already have was only bolstered by her wording in the title and op

So no offense was intended towards all the top guilds and their members…

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i don’t believe the op intention is to exclude or offend people not in the top guild.

at most he was trying to say they care about GW a bit more than other people.


My previous experience says otherwise

Being in a top guild doesnt mean you care about GW more or less. It is irrelevant to the point and was only used as a tool to say top guilds are more important than lower guilds.

Thats all im saying


Well if you are a guild leader, you can ask to have your name put up there if you agree. It was done already.

And just to clarify, I am without guild affiliation on any platform, though I have a few I will cheer for.

Sadly we have only data for Steam.
GW brought a lot of activty on Steam, but it hasn’t been the most successful update.
And 11% of the Steam players have quit the game in June and July.


I am a GL on pc/mobile and i made my lack of desire clear and my reasons as well

I thought you were in the phreeks

It’s not just the the scoring details are held secret, they have already been changed secretly, mid-week, during an ongoing siege wars event, to significantly alter how some teams score. For all we know, tomorrow we might suddenly score lower for using more than one troop in our teams, because “good” players are secretly expected to win with less starting troops.

I firmly believe that a “good” scoring mechanism is very similar to “good” cryptography, it does not need to hide its implementation details. Quite the contrary, hiding the details is a very sure indicator that the implementation is considered flawed enough to be open to exploits. There’s a huge community here (with a huge amount of different opinions :thinking:), let’s talk score. It’s perfectly okay to introduce changes, just communicate them ahead.

Please add Tigerclaw to the list.


The title is not from me and the post is the work of several people from different guilds :stuck_out_tongue: