Poll: Do defense teams need limitations?

Following the discussion started in the thread below, I’ve decided to create a poll to find out people’s opinions on weak defense teams.

###Do you think defense teams should have a minimum number of troops?

  • Yes, all ranked PvP defense teams (this includes GW!) should have 4 troops
  • Yes, but only Guild Wars defense teams should have 4 troops
  • Yes, but the limit of 4 troops minimum shouldn’t apply to Guild Wars defense teams
  • Yes, but the limit should be lower than 4 troops
  • No, defense teams should be able to have any number of troops (no change)

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Currently, I’m not too worried about how any of these options would be implemented – I’m sure that if there’s a will, there’s a way. So I thought we maybe find out want people want and get the devs’ attention.

Of course, feel free to discuss this matter further in the comments.

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Minimum of 4 troops, none of them being Famine, the dream…


How does enforcing 4 troops on the defence team prevent guild war rigging? Wouldn’t I just be able to put up a 4 peasant defence and it would be equally as (in)effective as a single peasant?


Ok this constant bringing up Peasant when talking weak defenses needs to stop, that’s rude! Peasants have feelings too, you know.


This is not just about guild wars. On normal ranked PvP, 4 peasants will give you a higher score, not to mention it’d take slightly longer to beat. That’s why I’ve included the option to apply limitation only to normal ranked PvP.

Also, if I’m lv 1000+ and I’m being attacked by someone lv 50 on GW, 4 peasants might hit hard enough with skulls to take out one of the attacker’s troops. Or even on weaker brackets, in which I’m sure every troop counts, since skull damage is more important when you don’t have magic bonuses from kingdoms.

Maybe it doesn’t make much difference, indeed, but I don’t know. People are allowed to want that.

Voted No. This isn’t going to prevent a thing. Same reason they don’t use little red thumbtacks for Stop sings, it won’t work.

Last week I used two Dragons troops on my Defend team for kicks. Let people play their game themselves.

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No harm in requesting it, it’s a valid request. I just think that it won’t fix the issue that was raised in the topic you referred to, assuming that was the primary reason for the poll. If I want to put up an ineffective defence, I can probably do it with 4 troops just as easily as with 1. It might take out a troop or two, but as long as my team loses, the opponent still gets most of the points.

As for using it in PvP, I would rather see them fix it so that using a single troop defence wouldn’t be beneficial.

In that topic, there were also some comments about 1-troop pvp teams, someone saying no one really complained about those (since you’re manipulating the odds), so I thought it was also revelant to some people. I agree that, unless you’re aiming to be on top of pvp rank, it’s not beneficial to set a strong def team. I totally wanted it be worth to set a strong team in normal PvP, but it just isn’t.

About the GW, I don’t think it’ll affect stronger brackets at all, and on lower brackets it won’t make a difference in the rewards obtained, so I doubt they’d do that, but again, some people were voicing their opinion about it. The poll should help quantify some of what was discussed there, I guess.

i think they limitation of gw defense troop number will not prevent cheats neither will ensure defense team variety but its some way of a good start
(at least in some way it could prevent ppl from unintentionally leaving their gw defense weak due to it being autoreset into pvp defense)

voted 4 troops to gw only

Maybe the “Suggest a troop” function could be used automatically in those cases, idk…

how about this:

  • devs “preset” all ppls defenses at the monday gw reset with their dev-cusotm-made teams (instead of the pvp defense teams)
  • those pre-set teams are the same for everyone (different for every week and different for every day of that week)
  • if a player doesnt have one of the troops its being filled by one of troops from his/that team before pre-set
  • players can edit their defense teams any way they like with the exception that - in each defense team - they must keep at least one of the units that were preset (in any order / placement)
  • could add the requirement that it has to be 4 units

side note: that would require totally different team-management handling as having our own teams being edited is not really an option unless we get extra 6 slots that are going to mean to be auto-edited from the beginning

why would you not want to fight someone who has less than 4 troops on GW defense? i say take the easy win and be happy. also there arent that many people who dont have 4 troops in ranked pvp maybe 1 out of 100 fight i have to fight someone with 3, but again that just means fast easy win

Someone could also argue: Why would you want to collect faster rewards if you’re not interested in playing the actual game, fighting against an actual opponent? There’s a game to be played beside getting rewards.

If getting easy rewards is becoming more important than playing the actual game, fighting real, challenging opponents, then it stopped being a game about strategy, team building and fighting, and it became a collection addiction.

I wouldn’t object to having a 4-troop minimum but only if they do something about Famine first. I’m honestly sick of seeing Famine. It’s the new Bone Dragon :tm:

A little off topic, but this might have been a good mode to limit duplicate troops. In other words, you must use 4 unique troops in your defence team. That would at least cut some of the 4x cheese teams out of one mode. Plus no double-famine, double-Karebears, etc.


as i said 1 out of 100 battles might make me fight a team of 3 or less enemies, once in a while and easy challenge wont kill you and most of the time i do pick the 3 trophy enemy. so 99 of those 100 battles im fighting wraiths, mabs, and anything else people use to make those pain in the but teams.

but yea i see what your saying i dont fight people who are actually challenging. and just so im clear this line is sarcasm

im just waiting for Astral Spirit to have 50% buff lol. my defense and fighting team will prob be astral spirit x3/mercy muwahahaha

Astral Spirit got nerfed a couple of weeks after release, IIRC. I know for sure they nerfed it shortly after release.

So I wouldn’t count on it getting nerfed again.


even nerfed if you use astral spirit on the right color you can build it back up, and if not thats what mercy is for

right now i mainly use this for easy explores, there not good enough for pvp until the weekly event buff

No it really isn’t. It’s still the same Famine, and just a little high on the power-curve.

This would be a week of mindless defences. Even more mindless than usual.

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