What should I do when I have evidence of Cheating in Guild Wars?


What should I do when I have evidence of Cheating in Guild Wars?

I’m getting very tired of sending info to Devs and never seeing them take action. It is very easy to see that there is some Guild Level cheating that happens every week!

@Sirrian @Nimhain Can you make it a priority to change Guild Wars match-ups so Guilds cannot cheat by collusion? Can you make the battles random or make the match-ups random and hide the guild names?

If Devs are serious about this, why do they let it persist?

NowayJoe2Go, Leader of DruidsGlade in GW Bracket 1


In any other game, we would post the evidence here and the cheaters would be banned.

But in this game, the cheaters are protected and allowed to cheat each week and at a guild level!



Whats the point with Guild Wars when a majority of players does not think its a clean and fair mode??


It’s difficult to know how to handle this subject.

I made this thread regarding this subject but I’m still none the wiser on what to do.

This was the point I made about the topic in question.

“It was said if you think someone is cheating to report it privately to a dev/submit a ticket so they can investigate.
This is not a viable option. One thread was opened 3 weeks after myself and many others privately reported the guild. This was discussed for over 25 days and nothing had yet been done. So that’s over a month with no action being taken. And now a new thread is open we’re told it’s now against the rules to have public suspicions and to act privately which as we know, does not get results.”


I think everyone in bracket 1 should start one troop defenses.
If 4-6 guilds are going to collude. Let’s have the whole bracket collude!
Sorry to whoever finishes 9th and 10th. That’s going to be really embarrassing for your guild.
We would all have to agree that the one troop thing is a requirement for your guild so if your Member or members don’t do it. They get kicked that Sunday.
I imagine this would make changes to GW a priority over let’s say… perfectly fine graphics that had a complete overhaul.


I guess since collision isn’t specifically prohibited, it’s fine.


I thought it was prohibited? If cheating is allowed, why should any of us spend money on this game?



Cheating is fine. Talking about those who cheat however, now that’s a huge no no.


Without calling a guild out what is happening that makes you think they are cheating?


@ghaleon I have evidence of them cheating for 3+ weeks. In addition, my Guild DruidsGlade lost 100 gems due to said cheating. IE, our Guild would have ranked much higher in Bracket 1.

I would post the evidence here for all to see and draw their own conclusions, but Devs would simply ban me and leave the cheaters in place as they have always done. :frowning:



Can you message me the details in a pm?


Then how come you don’t do anything about it? Are you sure you really take it seriously and you really care?



They say this but yet still allowing collusion to happen?


Yes, they do allow it to happen @solar. Problem is, I have proof from multiple weeks. And if I can see it @solar then our fearless Devs MUST be able to see it. It’s not a matter of accuracy or being definitive, it’s that they don’t want to fix it as it’s not a money maker for them. It’s a lack of will on the part of Devs.

So, what do you do when you have proof of cheating in GWs?

I would love to refute the Developers Idiotic post above, but they will not allow me to post evidence to refute them :stuck_out_tongue:



You PM the devs, as they’ve requested. If nothing comes of it, you’ve done what you can. Just don’t use these forums as a means of public shaming, as that’s not their intended purpose.


Does not help. Multiple Guilds in my Bracket have already done this. Devs take no action. It’s just not a priority to them. They cannot see it even tho it is very clear to almost all of the guilds in my GW Bracket. Evidence is not allowed to be shared. Protect the Guilty.

Customer is Always Right! We pay your Bills! Yet you take no Action???



Sorry @Lyya as I agree with your statement. But this has been ongoing now for over a year, and I believe there has been sent 100s of evidence to the Dev team. When so much time has passed, so many evidences have been sent in and nothing much is done I can totally understand the reaction to some players on this. This has been totally nerve wrecking and is destroying the very fun of the game for many many players that have supported this game for a very long time. We are talking as much as 2-4 years. Because what do you do in the end, when you get enough? Sending in evidence wont do much, sending PMs wont do much. Come to these boards won’t do much. One just become totally helpless…


You win despite the cheating and you learn to be happy with 5th place. But #1 in Integrity and ethics. :wink:


yeah. i’m also interested to know what kind of hard evidence that you have that convince you they were for sure cheating. without the specific callout of course. like do you have all their defense line up or chat evidence that support the planning and actual execution of said cheat. how to gather it too. it would be good to spread the knowledge around to better help others to be aware and detect this actions too.


Now I am no coder. And only claim to be after I stay at a Holiday Inn Express. But seriously… What’s so difficult about doing something like this? Until the days match up and the defense is locked in?

You’d also have to make the match up of guilds random in the bracket. But that would be just RNG… something the devs should know a little about.

#methree (I’m starting a public awareness hashtag for all those that have been victims of a match 3 game collusion.)