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Unfair Treatment?

Not sure which topic this belongs under so I figured I’d throw it in here.
I shall try to avoid callouts, though I’ll probably be accused of it anyway.

In the past month I’ve seen two threads opened in which suspicions have been raised regarding cheaters. I’ll call them thread 1 (T1) and thread 2 (T2) to avoid a callout.

T1 included the guild name they didn’t trust and flat out accused them of cheating.

T2 simply posted the score and asked for an explanation as to whether it looked viable.

T1 was edited by a mod to remove callouts.

T2 was not edited but accused of a callout buy a dev.

T1 had an argument break out and a dev told them to take it to PMs if they must.

T2 had the same problem but the request to take it to PM was not there, despite the same dev commenting on the thread who instructed the individuals in T1.

T1 continued on for over 100 posts.

T2 was stopped after just 25-35 posts.

Can you guess which was locked?
I’m not putting the exact numbers because I’ll probably be banned for directing people to these threads.

I have nothing for or against either of the two people that made these threads so please don’t think I’m creating this to defend anyone. I simply want to know why two similar threads have been treated so differently so I know in future whether to even bother posting here with the risk of being locked/suspended for less than what some others do.

Also, as I can’t comment on the locked thread it was said if you think someone is cheating to report it privately to a dev/submit a ticket so they can investigate.
This is not a viable option. T1 was opened 3 weeks after myself and many others privately reported the guild. T1 was discussed for over 25 days and nothing had yet been done. So that’s over a month with no action being taken. And now T2 is open we’re told it’s now against the rules to have public suspicions and to act privately which as we know, does not get results.


Yesterday a thread was made and deleted within minutes. It congratulated a guild on getting 277k pts on the first GW day. That averages over 9.2k per member


I know exactly which two threads to which you are referring. I’m wondering if it’s just a “second time around” thing and they just don’t want it to develop into another T1.

That’s all I can think of for explanation.

EDIT: The OP of T2 requested that the thread be locked, knowing how badly it was going to get. The Devs didn’t cite that in their closing of the post, but that may have factored in.


Given the current mechanics I find that score highly improbable but not impossible. Even junk defenses get lucky event cascades and swing matches they shouldn’t more than 1:150

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I am a member of tyrant and yes yesterday we had a really good day in GW I just don’t know why people complaining about that ?


I’m not debating the legitimacy of any score. That is what those other threads were for.
All I want to know is why two similar threads have swung in such different directions.

One broke guidelines and has been left to run it’s course. The other broke none, got locked and a user suspended. If I’m wrong and the second did break guidelines then why oh why is the other thread still open?


So obviously I can’t speak for the mods since I’m just some schmuck, but, to your question:

  • The forum rules are not rigid and absolute, and the mods are not machines. There is interpretation, feeling, and context to any mod decision.
  • If you find yourself wondering “should I even bother posting this since it’ll get locked / I’ll be banned?”, then that’s a sign that you should probably reassess either the tone or the content, because your subconscious is already poking you with a stick to get your attention.

I meant posting in general, not this thread alone. Sorry for any confusion.

Point is, someone has been suspended and their thread locked for far less than someone who 100% was wrong in how they went about things and everything remains as is.

That to me is treating people unfairly and makes me wonder whether I should bother.


There has been a severe moderation problem that goes back to before Salty was hired. It was so out-of-control I feel bad for her having to arrive and deal with that shit-show. GW has turned this place into a very ugly forum and most of the thoughtful and skilled veterans are long gone as a result.

My feeling is that a new plan needs to be formulated. Perhaps one where new posts must pass some kind of basic mod scrutiny before it goes live.

I am not putting the blame anywhere or on anyone, employee, or participant. I think tightening up controls at the time a post is made might be just enough to choke off these discussions.

I think that free-flowing discussion is essential, but there are so many dramas like this that could be avoided in the first place, and that’s where the focus should be at this time IMO vs. looking at who did what again.

I don’t want to see the community splinter into different groups, but the Internet is a free and open place, and you can discuss anything you want. Perhaps not here though.

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As we’ve seen in the t1, the devs are not good at treating things like this, with respect to much. Since the first one had caused a lot trouble, while this time yours seems much more guessing rather than evidence-baesd. Moreover, I can ensure that your suspect is wrong.


Here is my problem. The OP of T2 saw the trajectory and asked for it to be locked. He tried to stop it from getting out of hand and took the high road. And he ends up banned!?

T1 is Ray Rice
T2 is Ezekial Elliot
And the mods are Roger Goodell.

They went too far trying to make a point this time and somebody was treated unfairly, imho. :cry:


GW really encourages us to develop more teams than before as the environment of battles goes crule and we become more skillful during this process. On the other hand, the competitions are true, especially in the top. Some of our secret teams shall not be shown to others and that’s of the facts as well.
One of my personal suggestions is to put efforts on researching teams for GW instead of playing common PVPs for hundreds and thousands.


Exactly this. If there was a moderator there the thread would have been locked when he asked for it. But no moderators was around, and it escalated. I know a glass can only take so many drops of water, but I find this punishment unfair.


It was easy for everyone in the OP’s bracket to know who he was talking about. As such I consider that it was a call out.

It depends on the colour. On some days it would have been improbable, yes. But not on purple day.

Meanwhile they take their hands off forum/community issues that everybody know needs fixing. Because ignoring the Elephant(s) in the room while focusing on squashing ants is easy.


cough PM me your cough team! cough cough


Technically, if you assume the team is in the top bracket (maybe even top 2), all players can see those with the press of a button. I think the guidelines need updating if alluding to a person or guild will technically be a callout. I always assumed you had to out right say the name.

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That’s true, as long as with proper teams and skills.

The way things need to be handled will, often, be considered harsh. But if done right it will never be unfair.

Investigating possible cheats and exploits is a job that surely demands some “stealth”, and it’s not an easy job if people keep ringing bells everytime they find something suspicious that could be exactly what or who is being investigated…

In this sense getting a thief red-handed is harder if he is aware of all noise caused by his previous misdeeds and because of that he is much more cautious lately.

That’s just a general concept, maybe not very solid considering the variables on this investigation being conducted inside the game, but nonetheless it could certainly be used by the devs themselves to justify or explain the need to change the Community Guidelines regarding this kind of issue before any Ban or Suspension being issued. So, my verdict, for what it’s worth, is that the devs, again, ignored the advantages of proper communication with us on important matters…

They don’t need to inform everyone about their investigation and every step of it, but from what i saw, over and over, people complained how shallow the Support answers are and used it to justify bringing the matter into the forums… Maybe some small reviews on the “Canned answers” we get from support could be in order, like making sure that people understands it will take at least a few weeks to investigate a player/guild and in the meantime being discreet about the issue helps a lot.


Ivar that’s a solid post imo. PR of this game is bad, worse than the UI. Salty is doing everything she can and I think her time is spread very thin. Support needs to build a cloning machine to handle their work overload. I think it is time to hire another PR person and somebody that can be here 100%. I don’t want to dredge the river to float old corpses, but good and consistent communication to the player base would have prevented if not solved a lot of problems, the UI shitstorm being one of them and this situation, another.