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this is at least 10 words. fine whatever

removed link because people dont care about cheaters

You realize that probably constitutes a callout, right? It’s against the community guidelines.

I don’t see a video uploaded yet, or mention of whomever the supposed “cheaters” are (or what they’re doing that you consider cheating — if you publicly post a bug it exploit, you might get banned for “encouraging” its use, so try not to do that), but you might want to send it in a PM to a dev instead of post it in a way that’s likely to catch you a ban.

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I watched 2 battles on that stream - the streamer lost in the first battle and almost lost in the second. Nothing out of the ordinary, usual GW battles on XBox.
I don’t see any reason to call him a cheater.


I can’t even see the video, my phone must not be downloading it :joy:

I can’t see the video either, but I looked to the link in the html page of that post and proceeded to the twitch channel from that link

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So this is just a person who’s mad that people stream?

Good luck fighting that fight — it’s no different from sharing a couch and impossible to police even if it were somehow against the “spirit of the game” :joy:

Srsly. People mad at streamers should just stream with their team, too. Yosemite Sam says: If ya’ can’t beat ’em, join ’em! :rofl:

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Easier to complain. If the DEF is good enough it will win even if a 100 people watch it.

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to heck with the guidelines. cheaters need to be called out. they need to be banned. they should be publicly ostracized

What have they done that’s cheating? You still haven’t explained.

Devs are on record as allowing streaming, so if that’s all you’re on about, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

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they were streaming their guild wars and letting their guild tell them which move to make

And you can do the same. I have a neighbor that comes by and helps me win. Others have family members helping them win. How in the world do you think they are going to control that unless they lock you in your room til Wars is over.


Who cares!!! That’s not cheating. How is it different to two people sitting next to each other on a couch? You’re out of line calling it cheating imo


Sounds like teamwork to me — maybe your guild should support its members in the same way?


That’s been going on as long as guild wars has existed. It’s not a cheat. You owe somebody an apology.


I am not sure which guild you are talking about but I would say great teamwork. They actually care whether they win or lose so they put in the time. High 5 from me.


I can’t stop laughing at his


Uh oh. Sometimes I make the wrong move because while playing with my cats they hit the phone. Sometimes it is beneficial due to RNG (usually it’s bad though :rofl:). So, am I a cheater because of my cats?

When Salty, a dev, asks people on stream for advice on team setup or moves, is she cheating?

Is this a troll post? Just in case this isnt: Your guild is there to help you, and vice versa. Collaborate with them. Share team ideas and strategies. Stream and request help. This encourages a social fun environment.


As long as I could understand from the discussion, that team work was not a cheating. I watch Russian streams sometimes where the streamer plays Guild Wars with some help from his watchers. Why not? No cheating software involved, no resources added through some cracker, no buffs for own troops except legal. What’s the matter?

There is a difference between getting a suggestion and letting other people play your game for you. Looks like this whole thread is chock full of cheaters or at least cheating supporters. And no I don’t owe anyone an apology. I will never apologize for calling someone out for doing the unsportsmanlike like thing and cheating.