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Issue resolved, nothing to see here. Move along

Problem resolved.

The Problem is it’s not happening only with mist but every steath units

Oh holy knight (see what I did there?) you know you need to pm the devs, and not post this trash on the forums. Absolute trash. I can’t believe I interrupted my morning dump for this.


Imo the guy doing this on purpose is the dump

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Problem resolved.

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Does this mean you have sobered up? Or even drunker?

I have seen the multiple mist stalkers being used before there was a glitch. No need to publicly hang him, have you tried PMing the person or guild leader to notify them? As in, given them a chance to rectify it?

From what I hear your guild also has someone with questionable morals. Dissappointing to see everyone else support them.

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Just another reason i play mobile/pc. They fix things a little faster than on console. If it is not in the official bug report, they need to be reported of such a major bug.

So your leader should be banned for using the defense glitch before 2.0? :+1: First look at your mates before calling out people

Problem resolved.

You cant tell if its on purpose or not. Using a glitch to get endless trophies obviously is. It should be fixed, but banning sth for that would be ridiculous… Then half the community had to be kicked :laughing:

  1. I thought callout threads were a nono.
  2. I should tell my guild members what troops to run? How about don’t fight his team ?
  3. The “exploit use” I discouraged heavily was pre-PVP trophy exploit, and I know many guilds were on that stuff abusing it before 2.0.5 came out.
  4. Since when is it the guild leader’s job to police someone’s team making?
  5. What am i supposed to say? “hey, you’re hurting people’s feelings cause their game crashes”? What happened to those players who somehow got the board to be blank and you had to back out?

It’s a trait problem. I can’t fix it. I can suggest to my teammate not to use stealth troops. but really, JUST STOP FIGHTING HIM.

I just played against him and he changed his defense team so im giving him the benifit of the doubt

Whats the best Banner to use on these Mist Stalkers loool.

When that bug can brake a console it’s not just a little bug

I didn’t call it a little bug, and my statement still stands. Are you hunting for every single “stealth” trait user to call them out, or is it just BT?

I just say if the guy was aware about it this is not okay

1- Also im not chasing them i play lot of pvp and always pick third choice and not always look the name before clicking the button

2- the fact he was using an entire team of stealth troop made me think he was aware of the bug and made this team just for fun cause the bug occur only when you use full stealth team and when other team use target spell

  1. Call outs are not allowed.
  2. How do you ACTUALLY know this person is doing it maliciously?
  3. I don’t seem to have a menu option to view the Defense teams of ALL guild mates in a report. Please detail where this option is located.
  4. Perhaps we should just treat guild members like another ‘top nine’ guild and kick him for MEETING the requirements?
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You call that a Guild report?

As you have only been playing Gems for less than one year, your obviously unaware Guilds typically contain 30 members.

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The shame.


Oh, good the issue is resolved for the one person.
Let’s say you go to the doctor because, after you eat peanut butter cookies, you suddenly break out in hives. The doctor tells you "well, good sir, you’re allergic to peanuts! Stop eating peanuts!"
Lets say you don’t tell me you’re allergic. Peanuts can now make you very sick, even kill you. I make you a plate of peanut butter cookies. Instead of telling me “whoa man, i can’t eat these” you eat the whole plate and demand more. who’s fault is it you’re sick? don’t play them. and don’t call out a guild, because we’ve obviously been down this dead horse.