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Issue resolved, nothing to see here. Move along

We both said it was fixed and i was giving him the benifit of the doubt so why you keep debating?

because the thread is a call out. because it was “exploiters” PLURAL in the title, when really, you meant ONE PERSON. ETA: thread muted. don’t call me or mine out again.

The title was changed to mitigate the witch hunting; it was originally targeted at one individual.


Just use skulls and AoE spells. Stealthy ain’t got shit on those.

Yes that hyper exaggeration from the OP that there were a multitude of players doing this in Birtch, is a part of the problem. Implying other guild mates were part of a mass conspiracy for not being aware what one player was Defending with is another.

Its like me stating all members in one particular “Top Nine” Guild are obnoxious. Its not true, as I personally know one player is nice in that group.

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@UKresistance, the point of the continued thread isn’t anymore about the problem being mitigated and all is well in your little world.

The problem is that you did a blatant “CALL OUT”, which as I’m reading this all correctly…Is, as Negan says in TWD…


And, against protocol.

Perhaps if you address THAT aspect of it all, apologize to the Guild and readers instead of brushing it under the proverb rug, things may be better for everyone.


It’s the wrong way to go about it. These boards are not for witch hunting. You deserve whatever flak you’re getting for it.


Just ask one of your Guild Mates. I’m sure there’s quite a few who can help you out with that build. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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