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Frozen game loss again

As I was kicking off to another victory my game froze. I accidentally used Bone dragons ability and myst stalkers can’t be targeted. Game frozen and I lost out in my gold Xp and 3 trophies :sweat_smile: I’ll get him/her next time.

If it’s any consolation, that team is so easy to farm when you’re aware of the bug. My main invade team is aoe, so I’ll pick that team regardless of the trophy count :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like how people think 4 spirit foxes is any different, they’re still douches.


Two casts with an epic bombot and they’re all dead!

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They need to ban Mist Stalker abusers, that’s why I don’t ever fight an all Mist-Stalker team that’s fully traited.

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That’s nothing. I went 38-1, but it showed two other phantom losses.

I stopped playing and filed a ticket when it showed 38-3. It keeps adding losses every now and then, even though I quit playing PvP and I’m down to 38-13! That’s super messed up.

Has anyone else seen this bug, where you accumulate phantom losses for no reaseon? I filed a ticket Sunday night. So they’ll hopefully get back to me on Tuesday. I want to play PvP again, but don’t want to complicate their troubleshooting with extra activity. Playing with Ios version

Sorry, just realized this post was related to consoles, doh!

None of the Above

I totally agree they should be banned.
I named and shamed one and then their alliance went in full forum attack mode and expected me to apologize for calling out their cheater.
Message the devs and ask for the offender to be banned.


Good idea.


Just something to ponder.

  1. If you have to lie to yourself in private to make yourself feel good… whatever gets you though the day.
  2. Don’t lie to others in public. You did NOT call out ONE person. (PS call outs are still not allowed)
  3. You lied about the number of players running 4x Stalkers from one guild.
  4. You insinuated the guild had a obligation to constantly review what every single member was running on Defense at all times.

Final Thoughts on your habitual requests to have the developers ban people: read “the boy that cried wolf”.


I don’t feel the need to reinvolve myself in a resolved situation. I will say that I have no need to lie, there was only one particular individual, and that the situation has been resolved.

I didn’t mean to upset people with my discussion, I don’t find four myst stalkers cheap as I know I can beat them probably 90% of the time. Just thought it weird that the game froze when I used bone dragons special. I completely spaced forgetting you can’t choose them as that’s there ability.


Deliberately freezing the game for some folks just to win a defence? Man, this is LOW :slight_smile:

Not the lowest some will go to trust me.

yeah ban them !!!

Bloody avatar thief