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Please, devs, do say something about Elspeth & alike

Please, @Sirrian, @Saltypatra, @Nimhain, @Ozball (sorry, forgot abot you at first) give us something, anything about when is this Elspeth, Black Beast, Sacrificial Priest bug going to be fixed.
Pvp, Guild ranking, Guild Wars just cannot work with that. It’s like either exploit it or be overrun.


Now that you’ve told everybody about everything…

Yeah, like NOBODY knew what’s up, especially with so many people talking about it on global. Also, it’s no fun when you can cheat like that.

It is how it’s, even better for everybody to know than only few and exploit it. For my part, I’m done with pvp untill this is fixed, don’t want to use it but don’t want to ask myself why play 3 mins battle instead of 30 seconds battle.
In the Arena, Dawnbringers lurk, which is a better option.
I was angry at first, bitter after but now I’m just worried for the future of this game. One of my favorite games already got shut down, World of Mystic Wiz. Wasn’t happy with it and feeling in my guts aren’t that different from back then.

An official statement on this bug needs to be made. People are talking about it openly in Globals and most seem confident that because it’s just a bug that no one will be punished for abusing it, which means those not abusing it are rapidly falling behind in PVP rankings.

Seriously, we need an answer. (I’m also curious how this passed QA.)


Playing against the team in PVP is a free win for you. The AI doesn’t know that it can eat my team instead of itself.

I know everyone knows about it. I refuse to do it in GW. I do GW for my guild and have respect for it and the people that put a lot into it so I will fight my battles fair in that. PVP is a trash fire of Kraken/Troll/Wisp/Mab, so I don’t care. It’s not like whoever loses the battle loses anything, if anything, it helps everybody get revenge battles to get more resources.

But it’s not just that. Gold gain is practically unlimited. Guild rank, people worked hard to get to the top, now any Guild can hoard enormus ammount of trophies. GW are polluted already, now this…blue day is on friday, hopefully this bug will be fixed by then. If not, why not to pause the game completely before things go out of control.


Should be hearing something soon …

Your phone is bout to die brudda lol

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Continuously refreshing the page will do that! /s

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Lol the battery is at that wonderful point in the life cycle where one percent lasts anywhere from .01 seconds to 2 hours. But thanks for the heads up

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So the “FIX” is to make elspeth do nothing except target your own bottom troop (cant choose) & creates 0 gems.

What a farce.

Suggestion: Next “update” just tell player base to not bother logging on for 2 days while you fix stuff. This is getting old now!

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There will be a configuration xml or json file with all the stats and abilities which is a loaded asset. Her ability will have a target value of something like targetMyTeam. The mechanics of this are broken in the client. It’s a big deal to push a client update but an asset update is easy so they switch it to another targeting mode.

As a quick temporary fix it’s quite elegant imo. Anyone who wanted to use her for webspinner/bombot spam still can, exploit is fixed.

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That is pretty much exactly on the money.

- A spelunker

Yet now I get punished for closing my client on my iPad. Others who didn’t can abuse this exploit for 1-2 more weeks… yay.