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Fix the game please

Instead of new kingdoms and new troops, and new etc stuff, how about we take a whole week or something to fix these dang annoying bugs, crashes, errors,

I don’t see how anyone can really enjoy this kinda stuff… Especially in guild wars when you’re just trying to put points on the board and help your guild achieve great things in game. I have now lost two today simply because of errors. And this seems to happen atleast every week for me, and it’s just frustrating as you’re trying to do your best for your team and you get screwed even more because the game has all these dang issues that isn’t going to get fixed. And no i don’t want an event key, with glory or with gold or keys, i want my points, and that extra try instead of getting jack, and making me feel like helpless because i can’t do anything to gain a single one of those points back because of a game error/crash So please fix the game before anything else.

Just like the impervious bug and casting 3 maws? I remember when i started this game… It wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now…


Completely agree.

I was just talking about this in guild. This game needs a lot of things - but new RNG troops is none of them.

Call me names, pretentious or not, but I hate how this game has literally kept spitting on their player-base, deliberately forced veteran players out of the game for a trade of new players, who now have no choice but to spend money on this game.

The whole strategy is making me so nauseous.
There currently isn’t a single mode that doesn’t make me want to puke.
PvP is all about ridiculous Goblins who win if they manage to cast Fizz 1 time, on a 50% chance.
GW is so broken with all the bugs, counting wins as losses, crashing mid-game, facing bugged troops, devouring impervious troops and hundreds of other bugs. Also, there’s no war in it. It has obviously become a coin toss.
Dungeons and Soul Forge do not let me forge anything unless I sink my time and gems in it every day for at least a third of a year (100 days to be specific) or spend Real Money there.
Which I refuse to do on a game in such a mess.

I would reconsider if this game was heading towards a brighter tomorrow, but everyone playing this game for at least a month or two is aware that tomorrow doesn’t bring anything positive, but rather a complete 180.
The coffin of all wonders was seeing they spend time on nerfing Queen Ysabelle instead.


It feels like they have very poor or nonexistent regression tests in place. Take Devour/Impervious, for example. IP2 explicitly added Devour immunity to Impervious in one iteration. At that time, they should have set up a test case, with a fixed board and seed, and stated the expected outcome (board state) after the Devour event. This sort of thing can be automated, and the suite run before committing to their repo, or at the very least before a public release. Given the ever-increasing complexity of status effects, spells, and traits, these tests become absolutely invaluable as a safety net against regressions.

In the case of one-shot spells, there was a known bug that had caused one-shot spells to not properly disable other troops with that spell. They fixed it, but it appears this regressed in the current build (the cause can be many things, not necessarily what caused the original bug). Again, a regression test, written at the time of bug fix (ideally before, but we’re all human), would have prevented this issue from resurfacing.

Nobody likes to write test code, but nobody likes field-triaging game-breaking issues either. An investment in engineering would be advised before the code collapses on its foundation.


Also Silence used to remove the ‘spell ready’ animation.


The troop didn’t cast until Silence wore off, so maybe just a visual thing.


Happens to me as well.

I agree that it’s really benefit the game and player base just to commit an update to bug fixes, QoL changes and maybe some balance adjustments (small number of nerfs, large number of buffs), and things like retrofitting new features (storms, new traits, etc) onto old troops.

Devs aren’t stupid, just ever short of time and resources I think. There must be economic reasons why this isn’t prioritised.


Having a husband who was in Game development and both of us in the SQA field - doesn’t matter what side - companies in general do not invest enough into testing and automation that makes sense. Most feel that the ‘inconvenience’ of a bug fix is less costly than cost to develop a test harness and qa build test suite for this kind of regression testing – And maintain it (that is where the majority of the problem is)

Funny I actually had been asked to give keynote at an upcoming SQA conference but I decided to not I would be preaching to the choir (aka QA) - instead of to getting to the targeted audience - where it really makes sense - the ones that set the schedules, deadlines and control the costs.

It is a vicious circular cycle that continues to happen and will happen. It’s become ‘acceptable’ to ship software with bugs. it’s become even more acceptable to ship hardware with bugs.

Most developers want good QA, want automation, want to have test suites. But nobody wants to fund them.

There is a law in project management to determine the project outcome - Time / Cost / Quality



I presume it’s b/c it’s hard to quantify the benefit of spending a full cycle bug fixing while pushing out some hot new feature is pretty clear. Bug fix updates just aren’t sexy and they don’t deliver immediate & apparent value.

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There is nothing in the center? :stuck_out_tongue:

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@turintuor That would be Elon Musk

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i played a lot of pvp yesterday and won every match.
The only real problem is GW where you face troops with unbelievable stats and endless cascades.
You can beat the same troops in pvp but in GW that’s another story.

So for me the only problem with this game is the GW difficulty.

Pvp is too hard too i loose fights all day and i want to break my Xbox