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Fix the guild wars bug, wins counting as losses. Also not getting any points period for the match

I think the wins counting as losses need to be priority number one.

This has gone on for weeks, now it’s giving no points at all on the first fight not even getting defense points at all.

How can we call this a fair competition when not everyone encounters this.

What is happening to cause these.

Why doesn’t pvp bug out?

Why is it taking so long.

Maybe if we come together as a community and use our voices, we can be heard, get this bug fixed already!

Merry Christmas and thank you.


First off, how many ppl received a win as a loss this week?

We have had 3, all first match, and all 3 have lost the days defense points.

Pushed us back at least 9,000 points. Very discouraging.

I feel your pain! We have one member suffering from these bugs since months. Already 5 losses this week that were wins.

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It’s a very, very, very known issue. They’re working on it. Here’s the latest Dev update (that I’m aware of, at least).

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All we can do is encourage reporting every loss that happens. Any little clue we can give them make break this nasty bug.

It is the mr. smith bug and we need to be neo.

Let’s find what’s causing this how mess and eliminate it once and for all.

It never happened to me, and I have probably over 1000 GW battles. I know people complain a lot about it, so there must be something to it. But from my POV people who suffer from this are doing something wrong.

I had it yesterday, but my win counted as a win. The game also gave me a loss at the same time for a battle with someone I never fought.


So I faced, Asiral and won. But after that battle I also had a defeat against Actreal. Both are in the same guild, but I only faced one of them.

That’s not a callout, right? Not accusing either of them or their guild of anything.

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I don’t know if it is connection speed or what the hell it is, it never happened to me either but, I know it happens and it needs to be fixed.