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Missing ranked / PvP battles (and other bugs)

I noticed two things this week. First, the gap between my actual stats on the PvP page and what it shows on the guild seals redemption page keeps getting larger. At present I believe it’s about 17 or 18. So, for example, while I actually have 86 wins, the allowed redemption is only at 69. This is not consistent, and earlier on I distinctly recall it being at 11 (when I first checked). It’s not a matter of accidentally playing unranked, either, as both the numbers (PvP and ranked) are the same. When I’m past the point of playing for enjoyment and grinding for my guild, this is pretty annoying.

Also, there have been several extraordinarily frustrating bugs that I have seen. At first, I was willing to assume that my attention was less than devoted, but at least four times now I have noticed that enemy troops are either casting spells without having full mana, getting mana from MY gem matches, or the mana meters and “spell ready” indicators are not functioning. It’s possible that all are happening separately, but admittedly infrequently. I know this because with mana drain troops, it’s habit that I check the enemy’s mana before my turn. There’s no f’ing way that my Khorvash is going to go uncasted when theirs is ready.

I am not sure which is more pressing. The first one is extremely obvious as the numbers don’t match up (and there is nothing to indicate why). A match ends normally and it just doesn’t count.

would help if you could post a screen shot, also for how long are you in that guild? this week we had some server issues (but that was mon-tue mostly so should not continue now) so it might be also that

I’ve been in the guild for over a year now. I will try to get screenshots but I know palm-swiping doesn’t work for me in-game.