Stepped away for 3 hours

I won a pvp match and left it on the vicrory rewards screen and when i came back and hit continue it counted the win as a loss and said match was 2 minutes ago when it was really over 3 hours ago.The match was over and reward screen showed the victory rewards but still counted as loss. I guess im lucky it wasn’t a guild war loss because i hear it is happening quite often this week.

Hi @XINDIANAX Thanks for your report. If possible please try to use the template next time (I realise this seems rudimentary but it can help us understand the issue a lot easier).

Please let me know:

  1. Who was this versing? Do you remember the player name or Guild?
  2. How long had the game been open for beforehand?
  3. What is your platform? If you are on mobile, what is the model of your device and what operating system?
  4. Roughly when did this occur (at the time of your report?)
  5. Did anything unusual happen inside the battle before the issue?
  6. What was the last Spell or Troop that was cast?