[BUG] PC: Guild Wars win counted as loss [8/11/17]

Playing on PC (~11:10a PST), hadn’t logged in since Monday.

The order of events:

  1. Claim all my backlogged rewards.
  2. Go to Guild Wars screen.
  3. Purchase my sentinels.
  4. Go to the “Attack” tab and face my first opponent from Tuesday’s GW.
  5. Win the battle, narrowly, 1 troop left.
  6. Counts as a loss, I get 0 points.
  7. Results tab shows me as 0/1.


There are several topics like this so you’re not alone. Further they can’t change the results so you’re stuck with it.

Also, lose your next match. That should break you out of the glitch since if you keep winning you’ll find yourself still being credited with losses. Sorry.


You might want to look at these threads




Thank you, Shiratori!

Thank you! Mostly just looking to provide a bug report, as this seemed to be the place to do it. I couldn’t find any other “bug report” section.

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No prob, there is the link for pc bugs


@Apolluon Bug reports can also be submitted via ticket at https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Posting here is useful too, as sometimes players can respond more quickly (ala @Shiratori in this thread). But to provide specific data to the devs a ticket is the best option.