[XB1] Battle Error: Victory Win converted into Loss. Again?! :p

Today March 2nd at 12:20pm EST, I won my PvP match against biggiesmalls337 when this error message popped up:

When I went and immediately checked my Battle Log, the Victory was recorded as a Defeat that had ‘happened’ 6 minutes in the past:

I hadn’t seen this error in weeks and yet 12 games into my PvP run, here it is again.

Needless to say, with Guild Wars fast approaching we can agree this going to be is a serious sore point. I’m pretty steamed right now… And I’ve never heard anyone explain what might be causing the issue in the first place. A server desync error somehow?

Hopefully this will be addressed rigourously. :unamused:


Same thing has been reported on PC/Mobile over here:

I mentioned it on the Console 2.2 known issues thread, as well, before I saw the above. Seems to be widespread and affecting all platforms.

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I have losses after a fight won since months. When I do a big week with around 1000 fights, easily 10 wins are transformed into losses! and thats not even counting all the “kingdom doesnt match” bug that make the win simply not counting (at least it dont count it as a loss) like the match never happened.
These bugs better be fixed before the Guild wars.