I cannot begin to overstate how badly you all screwed up ranked numbers

How in the name of sweet Christ am I supposed to ever be anything but rank 15?

Seriously? Is this a bad joke? I have to win 4-6 fights at 4-5 points each for every 20+ point loss the AI gives away just to tread water?

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This is a known issue they are trying to fix right now.

We’ll get it fixed - don’t worry!

It was a combination of a bug (now fixed), along with some numbers that we expected to have to tweak server-side.


OK, thank you. I was afraid this was intentional, lol.

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No! Definitely not!

We ran simulations of the PvP system with 2000 bot accounts and it worked nicely, HOWEVER the load of players jumping into the game has (predictably) shown some problems with our numbers. We should have them looking much better 12-24 hours from now, and improving after that.


How many points should you lose if AI loses the battle for you? I hope the answer is “none”, since the opponent getting points is bad enough =)

Thanks for fixing… it really is hideous.

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Also, don’t seem to be getting any rewards/resources for defence losses.

Completely unrelated, but how do you see what traitstone you were awarded after winning a battle?

It pops up after the victory screen for me.

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I got rewards in my mail for defending my kingdom.