This is Ridiculous! Never lost back to back games ever! Now lost 7 in a row!

I don’t know what has changed, but something is off. I play on Xbox, I have been playing since day 1, I even play on the PC version of the game too. This week’s PVP battles are different. I can’t tell you what is different other than I have never lost back to back games ever, I have now lost 7 in a row! The AI is having amazing luck, extra turn drops over and over and over again. AI will be down to their last 1 or 2 troops, I will have all 4 of my troops still, yet the AI will crush my whole crew with ease in 2 or 3 moves. This is crazy. Idk.

I was thinking the same thing, but figured it was just my high risk elspeth death knight team. But I’ve lost far more battles since 3.0 than ever.

I’m on PC/Mobile so not the same platform, but last night I had the worst night ever for PvP. It just seemed like the luck was not on my side and the AI got all the good cascades. I just set the game down for a night and came back today. Now my PvP matches are going really easily.

It’s all just streaks of good or bad luck. Things will get better!


The A.I. cascades are seriously out of hand, why haven’t the devs fixed this issue is beyond me. When they finally put in the realtime multiplayer then, we won’t have to worry about the A.I. crazy cascades.

@Saltypatra can anything be done about trolls please so those of us trying to be real can stay out of trouble


There is no server-side payload containing core game algorithms like gem drop chances or AI logic. In order for these to change, there would need to be a game update. As far as I know, neither Xbox nor PC/Mobile had a client patch last night. Even if they had, the devs wouldn’t hide this sort of change from the players. As usual, Occam’s razor says this is humans attributing meaning to a random sequence.


I too go through loss streaks and sometimes i cry about it to anyone who will listen(usually nobody) but it is definitely just recall bias

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I really dislike encouraging these ‘the AI is out to get’ me threads. However if your seriously having difficulty with PvP…

  1. On console we just revived a patch a few days ago.
  2. Many troops were rebalanced including the all popular Bone Dragon.
  3. It might be as simple as your previous OP Invade team just lost its hammer.
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LOL The troops themselves has nothing to do with the extreme constant cascades here on the consoles. For folks to say there’s nothing wrong with the A.I. constantly getting back-to-back cascades is foolish, as me and other console players are experiencing this stuff everyday, everybody can’t be “lying” about the exact same thing. It’s just that simple, fix the dropping rates.

The A.I. changed a long time ago (not official but quite obvious) and as you said you haven’t lost back-to-back before I would have to guess that you reached a particular level bringing the difficulty curve to the next stage.

Nobody is being accused of lying. Do a little google-fu and search for recall bias. Then learn about what it is and ways to prevent it. Then perform a new unbiased study of drop patterns of gems for each game mode(100 matches should be enough). Keep precise notes and then correlate all your data. Then see what you have. I think i know what your findings will be.

Ok ppl i have a little story for ya!

I just battled against this weeks cheese team which i love cuz its at least 4 snotstones a fight. Kerby spider mini-groot kerby.

I was using EK valk pharos kerby.

It was an epic battle that started with enemy kerby’s devour which proc’d on first cast removing my EK. I quickly returned the favor when my kerby ate his kerby thus spawning a warg on my side.

Next his second kerby gobbled up my valk and now i was feeling much despair. However i quickly got back in the fight by chewing down his second kerby with mine and spawning another warg.

By this time his spider and mini-groot were charged and ready and he wasted no time casting spider followed by the baby groot.

After battling against constant spawning spiders and barriers i had my foe down to only his grootlet and i matched 3 skulls to remove the barrier and by the glory of RNGsus a 3 brown match fell for me thus charging pharos for the killshot on my next turn!

Alas it was not to be. On the hated enemys turn he match 3 yellow gems which started a seemingly never ending loop of 4 and 5 matches which included enough skull matches to finish me off for good. I did however recieve 9 snotstones in the defeat to ease my suffering a bit.

The moral of the story? If i hadn’t celebrated every time that lucky skyfall matches allowed me to win fights i otherwise should have lost i may have stood on my chair and yelled “THE GAME IS CHEATING!” but all those times the cascades fell in my favor help to balance out the feeling of being picked on by RNGsus.


LOL I had a fight against that same defense only without my own kerb. It was 3v1 versus an enemy kerb that had 9 life left. Wouldn’t you guess it, he gets a mana surge and devours my mercy. 2v2 now. I kill the stupid warg, and of course he summons a wolf. I get the armor off of the wolf, and kerb eats my valkyrie now. 2 devours on 2 casts. These are the only games I lose, BS 2 for 2 devours from kerb. Devour needs to cap at one successful activation per troop that can perform it, similar to Maw’s spell.

Within 4 turns that game went from easy win 3v1 to “SMH WTF RAGEFEST!1!!1!!!” 1v3 with a kerb at 70 armor and 80 life because of PURE RNG.

Nah no nerf is needed just a realization that it works in players favor at least as often as in ai favor

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Luck does favour either side however there’s something wrong when you destroy a column and every single gem dropped apart from one is the same colour or a skull. This happens very frequently.