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[More info needed/investigating] 149/150 Guild progress, but everyone did 5 rounds

Hi all !

As you can see below, Guild progress is at 149/150 today, but absolutely everybody in the Guild did their 5 rounds. So, is there an explanation for this, or is it a bug ? Thanks in advance.


To my knowledge and experience, this is a very long running bug. I would be happy if this was turned into a bug report so that Kafka can analyze and respond :slight_smile:

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I believe this can also show up if someone crashes during a fight and possibly if they retreat as well. It would be nice if they showed up regardless.

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Recurring error - atm we have 30 duells today played and only 29/150 are shown.

OK, I switched to a bug report. But Redi1’s idea looks interesting, let’s see.

EDIT : btw I forgot to say there is 1641 points between the final score of the day (218338), and the score I found myself (219979), so it can be a victory at 4th round which is not counted, for example.

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Did the battle count stay the same like that until the end of the Guild Wars day?
Did you try force closing and re-opening the game to see if it updated?

Yes, I checked several times until 3 hours before the end of the day, and it didn’t change. And the game was closed and re-opened several times too.

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@KartSeven could you please ask around your Guild if anyone had a crash, error messages or connection issues while playing Guild Wars last week? I need to check individual accounts, I checked the accounts with the lower scores than everyone else as I figured they’d be the most likely to be the account with the issue but didn’t spot anything off.

Apparently, someone had a connection issue this day (brown day). One victory took a very long time to be validated, after the end of the round. Maybe it was still ok for the player, but not for the Guild score.

@KartSeven which player was it? You can PM me their name if you prefer.

@Kafka This GWs week. Guild effected by this bug:
Knights of the Glade in B1 on days 2 and 3.
Tyrant in B1 on day 4.
Marshal in B2 on day 6 (hard to be certain because its the last day)
l’échoppe in B2 on day 6 (hard to be certain because its the last day)
Rock$tar in B3 on day 5
kcvkcv in B3 on day 6 (hard to be certain because its the last day)
MysticHunter in B4 on day 2 (maybe)
Il patto dei lupi II on day 5 (maybe)

This bug has been going on for years, even though this report is not that old. how can we help expedite this? how can we help get the bug priority increased? :pray: Anything we can do to help, ask and you shall receive!


I remember seeing this bug on the last day of last GW (Switch). I went through the results screen and made sure every single person had played all 5 matches for the final day, but we had 1 missing on the progress screen.

Hi @Kafka 1/3rd of our time before next GWs has passed and a month since your last update. Have we provided enough information? you think we can have this fixed in game in the next 2 weeks?

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Just a small info update:

This issue only seems to affect 1/2 of the guilds facing each other on a day sometimes, so one guild may see the correct number of battles while the other doesn’t.

It appears to be a visual issue only.

It’s most likely caused by a single player having a single battle with weird results - I need to find an account with those results to work out what’s happening. I know it appears to be a guild issue, but I believe it’s an issue with a battle on a single account - which means looking for a needle in a haystack.

Because this issue isn’t affecting your Guild Wars results and because I need to find the source of the issue, this issue may not be fixed before the next Guild Wars. It’s staying on my radar though and I’ll thank you guys for any further info you can provide to help us get to the bottom of this one.

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Hi @Kafka

Sadly it is not only a visual glitch and it has been happening since the beginning of GW!
It would be awesome if your team could really work on it now and fix it.

I created a problem to report that bug in May 2017!

I also submitted some tickets in 2017 but gave up because it seemed that your team had no clue as to how to solve it.

In 2017 some battles were taken into account twice or not taken into account at all.
Now in 2020 it doesn’t seem that some battles are taken into account twice anymore. And I don’t think there are still people reporting that they start a GW day with a 0/1.
But there are still battles that are not taken into account at all. It happens to maybe half the guilds each week from what we can deduce by talking with other guilds.

When it happens the total of the 27 scores of the 27 best players is not equal to the total score of the guild.
As a consequence the final score that is taken account to determine the rankings can be wrong. And thus the rankings can be wrong.


:pray: thanks for your reply @Aelthwyn

@Kafka i believe @Smash has also directly sent you data from Black Dragon 2 months ago showing this bug effects a guild’s final score.

EDIT: wow that old GW bug thread… Salty says, “We are currently looking into this issue as we speak.” then total silence… that looks bad.

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I would like to add that there is some lag involved in the overall Guild’s score computation. Running three accounts in my Guild, I notice that sometimes not all the battles are shown immediately, but they are normally there by the time I log out and play as an alt.

We did have a mate fight his last 5 battles just prior to reset, but it appears only 3 registered. I am attempting to get screenshots. NB: It did not affect our outcome, I’m just trying to add information.

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So basically, we have 2 Guild Wars bug report threads relating to this, this one is titled 149/150 battles - I’m not treating it as the missing points issue that was reported.

I’m categorising it as a consequence of the main incorrect GW scoring issue that was reported, which has an internal bug report for the team and which IS being investigated OR as a separate issue.

I don’t want to spread the same information across 2 threads. This thread for me is officially about 149/150 battles displaying despite 150/150 battles being played. The incorrect score issue is being tracked elsewhere - because the 2 MAY NOT be related in every occurance of the 149/150 battles issue.

I’m not closing this thread because it’s about the battle count.

But I’m not going to respond about the scoring issue here.

For that see this thread:

I’m not merging the issues, because I don’t want either to be convoluted. I have separate bug reports for them. I’m not closing this thread because I’d still like information about the 149/150 battles issue.


Looks like the bug is coming again today. Currently 113/150 matches are done, but the game says 112/150 on Guild progress. 3245 points are currently missing, so it’s definitely a 1st fight (with defense’s 2000 points bonus) which is not counted. I’ll keep you informed once the day will be over.

EDIT : ok, I was the last one to play Guild Wars today, and for some reason the score was uncorrect by only 200-300 points. At the beginning I thought I miscalculated something, but after doing my 5 fights, the score was correct. Even if Guild progress shows 149/150. So maybe the bug impacted one of the 3 lowest players score, and in this cas it’ll probably easier to check the problem, as I saved the names of lowest scores.


@Kafka ill give you a couple mid week this time to hopefully you can see this bug live.

GWs Bracket 2 - Narkomani BLR - Day 2 (Green)
GWs Bracket 3 - Rock$tar - Day 1 (Red)
GWs Bracket 3 - The Lost Kingdom - Day 2 (Green)