Guild wars - Scores are incorrect

TLDR : Our score is incorrect each week: the overall score doesn’t match the total of the points of our members.
Another GL has confirmed me to have a similar unexplained difference.
So it is possible that the scores of some other guilds - and maybe some rankings - are erroneous.

Week 1: I have not paid attention to our score.

Week 2: Our score has been 985, 256. Considering how well we had performed on Sunday, it sees to me we should have had 6-7K more points. But I was asleep at the time of the reset and have been unable to check any data.

Week 3: Our score has been 969,294. That number is incorrect. Our score should have been 967,401.
That difference of 1,893 points results from two problems.

-> Friday
We have noticed that one of our members already had a defeat for the war of Saturday! Thanks to that premature defeat, we have started the war of Saturday with already 3 points.

-> Tuesday
There has been a difference of 1,890 that I was unable to explain between the addition of the 30 scores of our members and our overall score.
That week someone had left us and someone has joined us. @Annaerith suggested on another thread that it could be related to them.
However that difference didn’t match with the score that the member who had rejoined us had made the previous week in his previous guild.
And the new GL of the person who had left informed me that she had a similar unexplained difference too… but of 3K points!

Week 4: Our current overall score is 139,431. We should have only 134,391 points!

This time the difference amounts to 5,040 points, but I think I may have a beginning of explanation.

The screen says we have played 144 battles, but in fact we have only played 140 battles.
5,040 = 1,680 x 3.
The difference was initially of 3,360 and has increased after someone finished his 4th battle with a score of 1,680 points. So maybe some battles would be counted twice? But that doesn’t explain why we have a difference of 4 battles and not 3…

It would be nice if some other guilds could check if their scores are correct or if they are having similar problems. If some other guilds are affected, it might have an impact on the rankings.

@Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra Is this a know bug? Is there an explanation? A fix?


I wish I could read this and not be disheartened.

Another example about the bug…Unrepentant has 191,085 points when 189k is the max for a day.


Was just about to report this.


Looks like it fits well in here.

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Someone needs to get some bug spray for GW at this point.


I think I have an idea of what’s going on, including Unrepentants score. Just vett’ing my numbers and figuring out what I can share, and then I’ll post something.


I am still waiting for your numbers. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, trying to get the info passed through to the devs (hopefully for a fix). Will share what I can once I’m done with those conversations.

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Hey everyone, we’ve received a few reports on this issue and we are currently collating information and looking into the Guild Wars scores.


Some of the stuff is pretty complicated to explain, and would take a lot of time to formulate to post on here (I know people could understand it, I’m just too tired now to prepare it). As @Saltypatra mentioned they’re looking into it, so I think it would make sense to give them a little time to look at this in more detail before we get too worried ourselves. Specifically, I’ve provided a bunch of data that will hopefully explain what happened so they can investigate further (unless my hypothesis is totally off). But to appease those on here, who I’m sure are super curious since I know I would be…

The quick version of my theory is that the overall guild totals shown on the “attack” tab are the sum of the actual scores (that you can see on the “results” tab), and any potential points from outstanding battles. Example, if you go 4-0 and get 2500 points, the guild total will appear like you got 5650 points (the 2500 you got, plus the potential 3150 that you could win). Note that this only matters for players who have played some battles, not players who haven’t played any. However, I could be wrong, we’ll see :wink:


We have a player, that got guild war win for tomorrow day. Also, we have 192,205 points, that is over maximum possible (6,300 * 30 = 189,000). I summarized points by myself and got only 149,995.


Who is your Paragon? :wink:

Updated bugged results… now with more than 150 battles

This is pure conjecture, but the combination of too many points and too many battles makes me wonder if some battles are counting for the wrong team…

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we got the same kinda thing goin on

6,300 x 30 = 189,000

While I know the people in Unrepentant are very good at GW, Im not sure how they can get over 14,000 points more than the maximum possible.

What does this say about the validity of any of the scores everyone has achieved so far? How can we know what the real scores are supposed to be?


I just summed up our scores (Celestial Peak guild) and they’re off too. The tally shown is 5,970 points greater than the sum of the individual players’ scores. I don’t see any obvious way to get that difference from our scores.

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Hey guys! Thanks for all the screenshots. We are currently looking into this issue as we speak.


@DonBoba @beanie42 @Saluki Have you checked the scores of your guilds? What should they be?