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Connection problems on XBox1

It won’t let me get into my guild and it won’t do pvp the last 24 hours! This is Xbox one btw!

Another guild had that issue recently. Which one are you in?

we are ranked number 13

The other guild was top 5, LeMans?

The devs ended up disbanding their guild. Seems like they didnt replace their progress either. Hopefully that doesnt happen to you. Youll need to contact support directly

I’ve relabelled and recategorised this, hope you don’t mind. Pinging @Nimhain @Sirrian too.

And as @KingDonaldTrump says, worth raising a ticket.

I cannot remember the name but the one in front of us is Achievementelite or something like that!

Thank you!

Warframe or something like that may be the name of the guild! I know we are 13 or maybe 12 but I think 13!

  1. If this data corruption in not limited to ‘The LeManz’ guild the developers and any DBAs should seriously look at the servers.
  2. I saw a post from a former member of ‘The LeManz’ on the Xbox club he was looking for a top 10 guild. I surprised that the support team did not create a new guild for them with the exact same number of Trophies they previously had. Doesn’t seem fair to me looking in from the outside.
  3. Yesterdays as a lighthearted joke a “extremely active player” that started a new guild was asking me when the Guild Update would arrive to Nerf all the top guilds. IF this issue is not contained to one guild, it looks like he got his wish.
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Sheesh, let the devs sleep in peace. He needs to send a support ticket.

  1. In defense of @Jainus Using the ‘@’ is not like sending an Amber Alert to their cell phones.
  2. I don’t think you would be so relaxed it this was effecting you, and your guild had to be disbanded, loosing all your Trophies.

Aren’t you in my guild? support tickets cam fix a lot, and what it can’t they escalate to the devs.

No, I’m not. Yes Support has always been great. If what previously mention guild member wrote is true its concerning (and should be for any top guild)

Lmao. Someones buckled drunk

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yeah I’m drunk lol

I don’t think the trophy thing is the issue since they are attributed to the individual who earned them on their own. Its the mana masteries that many of its members contributed that are likely to be lost when a guild is disbanded. Still, can’t the devs just adjust those [mana masteries] accordingly with a new guild and send a mass invite for all disbanded members to accept? Problem easily solved?

@rojo I am in the same guild and also have been unable to play. The guild name is WARFRAME. Sent a message to support and awaiting a reply.

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Let me know what you find out!

Eightball I sent a ticket as well! This is ridiculous!

Still have not heard anything. I will send them one every day. I will b
pissed if they disband us and we lose the #13 spot. Wish i could get in
touch with more of our guild.