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This is also 10 words

Then again, this thread might just be full of a single Don Quixote determined to continue on his personal crusade against the rest of the world:

Kind of difficult to argue against even the devs not considering it cheating. Don’t give up yet though, you’ll come up with something, maybe some more insults would help people to warm up to your opinion?


This is @johndeerdrew’s only topic/reply on the entire forum. They’re a troll. We can stop engaging now.


More like someone complaining about players not following the rules without knowing the rules himself. I sort of get where that is coming from, some games consider it unsportsmanlike to let someone else play for you. That’s not how Gems of War handles it though, and starting to foam at mouth when getting that pointed out probably won’t change anything about it.


I’m just thinking of calling a sibling or parent to play a particularly tricky/hard level so that you can continue playing the game. Different situations but same idea.

Just to be clear, not a troll. I honestly believe streaming your guild wars so that others can tell you what move to make to be cheating. I don’t care what others think. I created this account for this purpose and I do intend to ignore it after this comment because this entire community seems to be a bunch of toxic cheaters.

You chose the wrong hill to die on, bro. Even the devs say it’s not cheating, so your opinion on the matter is pretty much irrelevant.


If this was Candy Crush or some crap where there’s a certain way to solve the puzzle, sure, then I could see it as cheating.

There isn’t only a single way to “solve the puzzle” in GoW. The board is made from RNG and refills itself through RNG. It’s WAY more about your team composition than it is the board layout due to storms, converters, explosions, gem creation, effects, etc. If helping with team composition isn’t cheating (such as in GoW Discord servers, talking between guildmates, these forums, etc), I don’t see how one could possibly argue that allowing people to help you with board manipulation is cheating.

As has been pointed out several times, the devs themselves don’t consider it cheating. This argument isn’t going to go anywhere; there aren’t many die-hard dev-lovers on this forum anymore, but this is one aspect where the nay-sayers, dev-lovers, and devs all agree. It’s you against the world on this topic.


Forum admin (not Gems of War game dev) here. Just to reiterate the points made eloquently above:

  • No, this is kind of behavior is not considered cheating and no, the devs will not take action against it.
  • Calling out individuals or guilds on suspicion of cheating (or otherwise) via public forum posts is against the community guidelines. PM a dev (like @Saltypatra) or submit a ticket in-game instead.

Thank you and welcome to the community!


Sounds like you lose quite a bit and need help with your own Guild Wars battles. You should then go ahead and ask you guild mates for help, so they can watch your moves closely. :star2:



Did you try to find some support and sympathy from players here? Well, I could tell you bad news, but you already know them.