I No Longer Like Guild Wars

Whatever changes were recent made to make the computer AI more lucky are horrible.

It’s not fun but I feel obligated to do it everyday or let the guild down and since being in a guild gives you so many advantages, I don’t want to quit the guild.

Playing the guild wars matches often feels like being slaughters one lucky move after another; usually with famine, death mark and devour troops

The AI spammers always seem to land and get extra turns.
My spammers always seem to miss even when I have huge number of spam color already on the board.

Maybe the guildwar is harder for me since I’m over level 1000.

The luck of the AI seems absolutely ridiculous.

The attacker in guild wars is already at a disadvantage since it requires you to all use the same color troops to maximize points. Adding your new “combo breakers” or whatever the hell you did to give the AI more luck just makes it’s horrible.

A troop like famine should be difficult to mana up but the computer the seems to gets very quickly and often.

After playing this game everyday since it first arrived on stream, I seriously am considering quitting the game now.

Not being in a guild would be such a disadvantage it wouldn’t be worth playing outside a guild but now playing guild wars daily is mandatory for any decent guild.


I wholeheartedly agree with every sentiment you make.


Yep, pretty much spot on. The game is so fun, but guild wars makes me contemplate quitting every single day.


Once i was in medium guild, and GW was extra funny. It was like puzzle versus different setups. Now I’m in top guild and everyday-every week like “kerb-FG-GS-kerb” or “psion-ragnagord-famine-famine/death”. Soooooo interesting…


Im in top 10 guild and i love the benefits, but GW are frustrating if a guild had the same amount of resources and skips GW ill jump without a thought.

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I’ve thought about finding a smaller GW optional guild but I love my guild too much to leave. I think if crafting system sucks I’ll be quitting.


The crafting system is the only thing keeping me playing every day. If it sucks im going to take a 6 month break.


Here we go again…


Here we go again…

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I have discovered, the feelings is mixed. In my guild some members enjoy the guild wars and others don’t. It is very hard to know which way.

Sometimes guild wars goes well. Other times it is Iike being in a heavyweight fight with both hands tied behind your back. I still think a lot of this could be cured if defense had to follow color restrictions as well. Otherwise, it’s the event team of the week every fight.


I dont mind GW so much, and if i lose i lose its no big deal, but we have at least 2 more long time members this week talking about quitting mainly because of GW, and crazy computer AI. Its hard enough recruiting for a top guild.

This so much this! My guild has lost like 10 members in a month and they went to guilds with gw reqs, and others to a sister guild.

Lol I’ve no longer liked GW since the first week

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I’m not sure it’s just guild wars, the AI seems crazy lucky, but it’s also pretty dumb at times.

I’ve read all about this being “recall bias” but obviously a lot of people are not convinced. Not saying I never get good streaks, but it’s usually 1:3 ratio for AI and far shorter streaks. That said you can still win most games unless you’re up against a super/dragon team. I’ve seen it fail a one hit shootout with full mana, instead preferring to choose a 3 off-colour match.

Suggested matches are frustrating too, almost always would leave a 4 or skull match. Too often I deliberately avoid setting up matches, only for them to drop onto the board anyway.

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I changed my mind the crafting system isn’t enough to keep me going I’m quitting when my guild can replace me.


I have not noticed any change, other then going 4x speed leads to more mistakes.

Giant Spider- Having purple mana troops and Taking purple matches is priority. More often then not AI will only get 3-chains.

Forest guardian- take out purples, break up brown/greens. Start doing this on turn 1.

AI still prioritize Skull matches, then flag colors. I limit the times I risk setting up 4-chains for the AI, I often spend 5-10 seconds for each move since the AI move is often predictable.

This is exactly how I feel too.

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Will miss you!

I have this shit even in PvP and PvE quests.

Just now I quit the game because 5 times in a row I had to restart the quest battle, just because AI gets all the lucky cascades and all the right colours… while I am starved for mana and have like 3 points whole oponent team has 3 soldiers with full mana, ready to use their spells.

Since last patch it was getting worse and when new Kingdom came it all went to shitter.

Yesterday I quit PvP on all levells (Rankeds, Arena, GW) because it is frustrating AF. Today I am thinking about quiting the wole game because I can’t even finish quests.

Great way how to make new players stay and later spend money on a game, devs. Genius.