Mixer and cheating

Oh. I always lose sight of these kinds of threads. They tend to derail and ramble, so I typically just pop in and out of them to catch the last post.

@Razzagor :rofl:

just in case people forgot the ruling.


Btw devs didin’t say it was cheating but they also didin’t say it wasn’t

They said since microsoft is the creator of this app this is a grey area. Also they not
Encourage using it but don’t see it as cheating. Look like a politician answer lol

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These and more screenshots are featured on my profile. This Thread is a call out and people need to quit beating the dead horse. It’s not going to change. Get on board or get left behind.

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Yeah she said they look at your guild chat lol i guess they don’t know you can chat from mixer

I’m getting real tired of you crying all over threads all the time about mixer you need to get over it. You sit right in all of our streams and watch the whole thing from start to finish and benefit from it but come on here crying about how it’s unfair. #TheHypocrisy

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Im not crying im just showing devs answer so relax. I did no callout the only callout is made by yourself

That’s not true you’ve been calling out the whole entire time. Y’all get first non-stop back-to-back so other guilds getting first shouldn’t have to take this much heat. My main goal is to make sure I teach other guilds and my guilds how to become beasts and that’s just going to be the end of it.

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Honestly, what kind of answer do you expect them to give. I’m sure they’d LOVE to have one player per account to work hard on their own troops, battles, events and what not, but it is simply not possible. The best they can do is develop the frame of mind that it’s simply out of their hands and say that it is not cheating.

Personally, I’m in line with many of the other people who have stated this: I don’t think things of this nature are cheating. I don’t think it’s cheating to be sitting next to the person you’re helping, taking their controller physically, taking their controller virtually, helping them via screen share of any nature, or helping them at all.

However, that is NOT the same as me saying that I think SOME of those things are distasteful. I think, if you can’t play your own battles, you don’t need to be in that Guild’s bracket in the first place. It’s a simple question of character, not whether or not rules are being broken. There is a big difference between “Shared” accounts and “Sharing” accounts also, so there is always a give or take on what should be looked down on when it comes to gaming etiquette.

I think this constantly beating a dead horse about what should be considered cheating is getting really annoying to continue to see on this Forums, because the rules have been clearly stated many times on what they consider cheating and what they don’t. Unfortunately, this is how things will stay until they figure something out that’s much better. Keep the Banhammer in it’s showcase, and let these threads die for a while.


Thank you. It’s getting old. Real fast.

The developer stated that they do not encourage using mixer to gain an unfair advantage and stated that this Guild is not using mixer to gain an unfair advantage. Learning to read can be a powerful tool.

That bring me to the question.
If you don’t use mixer, are you going to do the same score? Probably not so in a
sense this is unfair advantage

The same could be said for sharing teams, setting defenses, or just stating what the opponents used. It’s only unfair in that the guild works together when others go it alone. Not that its wrong to go at it alone, but it has shown to help with working together for team sharing and giving tips. Given that you guys broke a record in a way it motivated you to do better :grin:

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Lol there is a huge differense between saying hey bro use this team it worked well for me then say hey matche the blue gems. No not this one the other blue on the right :slight_smile:


Well said Kyle. Well said.

Well you can’t deny that some of the teams that you saw being used are not being used by yourself or your guildmates.

I am noticing that the original poster has yet to comment so it’s safe to say that it was an alternate fake account.

But this could be done using other resources, as @RiverSong already mentioned, but the breaking point is really that now there is a better tool to share your game and get feedback?

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I understand that point and while most are self sufficient and may miss an obvious move, some take longer to play and are not as good at the game. I think of it more as training them on what to do so they get better at the game. I’ve done entire wars when they did one battle and I’ve nearly given a guildmate a heart attack over the moves I’ve made. I don’t think everyone should be handheld to that extent, but if it makes them better in the long run, then whatever.

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We only discussing why you guys so aggressive lol that make no sense