Mixer and cheating


While I’m partial to agree with the meaning behind what you said, that’s the kind of post that turns things into arguments. No need to take it to that level.

Everyone is allowed to voice their opinions, but I don’t humor ill-mannered posts.


That is not the discussion.


So what is the disccussion then?


Scroll up and you can see several topics on what we’re discussing and aggression is not one of them.


So why is it even being discussed? This was squashed already. Some people are butt hurt and just want something to fuss about. Why not take that same negative energy your using to make accusations and recruit simmer people to make your guild competative?


Well i been really chill i was only giving my points of view some people see it as cheating and some don’t see it as cheating. Everyone can have his own opinion You can agree or disagree but not a reason to call name.


I have also upgraded my mixer to make money so you can be real mad when I stream the next Guild Wars.


How about any guild leaders from other top teams want team suggestions and what not to beat GoT then feel free to message our glorious guild leader for info. Sorry not sorry


I wasnt calling names unless the shoe fits. Otherwise it doesn’t pertain to you


I have to agree on the name calling, lets be civil here. But you gotta understand that saying a bunch of people are cheating when trying to help each other is not nice either. We can disagree on the ethics or sportsmanship depending on treating GW as a team, or individual effort under the same banner, but calling us as cheaters kind of angered people. It may be coming now a bit aggressive, but it didn’t come from nowhere.


Wish I wasn’t out of likes.

I also think the aggression level is way out of hand at this point, though.


I didin’t mention they were cheating in this thread i only gave my point of view and saying the dev answer is very vague about that


While I’m remaining civil because there’s no reason for me to be aggressive, their standpoint on mixer being cheating was not vague so there’s that.


Well saying they don’t encourage it but it’s allowed is a bit vague imo


In case you didn’t understand that the standpoint was not vague.


And i repeat if you don’t use mixer you won’t make the same score. So this is an advantage. Now you can say everyone can use it but it’s not an excuse, everyone can swear but some people Choose to not swear cause they think it’s not moraly good.


and here I’m starting to think this will be one of the big reasons why Guild Wars ends up going away as a permanent game mode…




Man… Guild War Category lately is all about sneaky callout post. I really consider muting the whole topic…


As much as I hate that mouthspeak you just mouthspoke, I think I agree.