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Smash the Dev Team Wu@Haaaaaaaaa 3-;)---

Post your pics of victory over development team. Hehe
So far i got @Nimhain and @Vexx
Still hunting mr @Sirrian


Vexx is a dev?!

@killerman3333 yes bro he is. Seen him chatin on channel 1. DeV chat is blue color .

I think sirrian said that there are 10 devs on the team, vexx is a dev that i did not know about and i think fought before the chat update.

It took us a while to setup make him show as a dev in chat.


He is a console dev

Wait if vexx is a console dev then i am confused. Does that mean he plays the pc version instead of the console version or does he play both.

I think you may be mixing Vexx for Nex who are different people.

Oh, right, my bad

However, it could have been very possible @killerman3333, as I recall, Mr Strange also is a console dev and plays the PC version a lot.

Vexx is the one who just answered my support ticket! So pretty sure he’s on the PC team.

I wonder if any of the devs have tried the console version on their pc. Would be fun to see if they run into any problems.

I’ve tried the console version on my xbox one at home.

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Did you try the xbox one version on your pc though?

Testing @Nimhain new defence team… called THANKS JODY