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Console 2.1.5 Update Sneak Peek

Hey Console Players,

With the PC/Mobile players getting 2.2 today, @Alpheon and I thought that we had better not leave you all out of the loop as well. We do apologize for the delay, with both Sony and Microsoft (at different times) causing our target release date to be pushed back, so here is a couple of screenshots of upcoming features that may even make the PC/Mobile players jealous.


Oooh… is that Defense AI tweaking I’m seeing?! … Maybe I should switch to console…

EDIT: And some form of timestamps for chat?


Nice, Can’t wait to press that “Test Defense Team” button and see how the AI behaves.

Any news on the “chat” privacy issues, has Microsoft given a thumbs up or try again sticker?
edit: never mind I re read you message.

Shiny… and more console-only armor? I am jealous!

The AI customisation looks interesting, so thanks for that. Being able to stop the AI from (potentially) choosing skulls rather than more beneficial matches should hopefully make PvP more interesting/challenging. :smile:

Look nice but for next update please add more ai option ex priorize 4x any color or explode untill another troop is full

Now from what is see it only priorize wich color ai will match first but would also like to choose wich troop i want to attack first or change color,explode etc

Also a new feature to watch our defense fight replay

And a few more images!


The filters look great.


Jealous? Not at all, i’m really happy for the console’s crowd that were having a hard time with Sony/Microsoft shenanigans.
And i’m really hyped to eventually see these features for PC/Mobile too in the future. :smiley:

I wish we could have it now. Or anytime definite.

I am not sure it will really change anything, the AI was already good to priorize wich color to take first

The priority of wich troop cast first was the weakness of the Ai.

As ex:

1- gorghota keep casting when other troop are full

2- troop who can heal priorize random troop when they should go for the weakest health

3- troop who can devour are trying to devour impervious troop should select another troop

4- troop who give attack or armor are always giving it to wrong troop

5-AI match 3 (gems, skulls)when they can match 4 or Ai match 4 (gems,skull) when there is +5

I am happy to see this new feature but i really hope they will work more on it in future update.

it is a good start but it is also basic i want more meat give me more options :slight_smile:

Ricky, that’s exactly what I thought they meant too when they said AI options.

These changes won’t change Troop behavior at all. Was hoping gem exploders would stop exploding when other troops are full and ready to go. Oh well the rest looks good

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Yes please. Would love to be able to tweak the AI…


Healing the weakest isn’t always the best option. It might be your least important troop that will die next spell cast anyway, despite getting a heal. I’m so hyped for all these new features and its so annoying that we’re waiting for sodding microshaft! Grrrrrrr.
Glad I have some event keys as the dragon soul is almost upon us.


reaches out for this update like a foal seeing a delicious cookie


I love it, can’t wait for it!

Please go on…

Is that Dragon’s Claw that I see? Noice! Love the game btw, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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@Alpheon can you look into why console players only get 2,500 gold per glory reward pack, instead of the 5,000 pc players get?

Unless it’s a secret, in which case this message will self-destruct.

I think they just buffed the Gold & Souls payouts exchange rates, which lifted the values across the board.