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Thank you devs, sincerely

Often we are (myself included) are highly critical of the devs about dealing with players that cheat. Some are just suspicious and questionable. Others are blatantly obvious. Last night the devs banned a player that was obviously cheating. I can’t really say more about it because I don’t want to make this a “call out” post. I just wanted to sincerely say ‘thank you devs’ for working at keeping this game as fair and balanced as much as possible. I know they can’t say anything. But they do at least read everything. So there :blush: will be thanks enough.
Please don’t spoil this post by making a debate on the comments about why “player x or z” hasn’t been banned yet. Let them just have this win. Thank you in advance.


Can we know what was the cheating? Bot? Trainers?

my fav trainers are huggies :sunglasses:

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Glad the dev do cleanup i wonder if these kind of cheat exist on xbox, i hope not

Cheating is cheating. The method used to do so shouldn’t matter. The devs won’t say what the player did. And I’m not going to make an assumption. The player made it very obvious though. So the person either didn’t care if they got caught, or too dumb to know how blatant it was.

I believe on consoles or mobile devices. It’s much harder to cheat than on a PC. So it’s not something on Xbox or PS4 that you should need to worry about.

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Thanks @awryan. We do put a lot of effort into banning players, but not many people notice or appreciate the care we put into it.


To be fair, it’s hard to notice something that is not reported. I only knew because a member of my guild told me. And he or she only knew cause he moved up in the rankings after the player was banned.
When I worked in Human Resources for a prison. There was a special wall of photos. The photos were mugshots of visitors to the prison that tried to sneak in contraband and were arrested because of it . To act as a deterrent to anyone who thought about doing such an act. Can’t underestimate the value of public shame to get people to act right.
I understand it’s your policy not to reveal the players names that get banned. But my protecting the “criminals” you (devs) look bad instead. Since it’s hard to appreciate actions being done when most of the time, no one but you (devs) know it happen.

We are always looking out for cheaters (and inappropriate language in chat). It’s just a slow process that takes time for more special cases, but we ways of automatically detecting cheating as well.

Interesting! Perhaps that works for your scenario (and maybe it would work for Gems of War) but it may cause more trouble than it’s worth: Arguments amongst other players, appeals for other players that are banned (that really aren’t warranted) and the like.

Anyway, thanks so much for thanking us, I’m glad you noticed our efforts anyway! :sun_with_face:

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in an old game i used to play they had a monthly report ie we’ve banned 5,000 bots/cheaters this month play fair out there etc was just a number without any names couldnt tell if they were lying to make it seem like they were banning tons or not but it made some feel better.


Well if it gets discussed too much, the prospective/active cheaters can get too much information about possibly avoiding detection. Keeping a low profile is for the best.

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