Request - - Status Update for Consoles Regarding 3.0

Long time reader first time poster here.

Any chance we can get an update daily, even if it just a case of popping in to say there is no new information to share.

I know you are working hard and things are out of your hands at this point. But I think I speak for everyone even if we can just get some type of update that would mean a lot to us console players instead of wondering what the status is.

Also of the update is approved this week any chance we could get a mythic troop released on Friday of this week?

Thanks for all you do and the hard work.



I agree. Would be great to get even a small update on the status of the update and future plans for Mythic releases on console :smile:

Ditto! Would love any info. Devs?

I’d like to know too…along with if pvp is ever going to stop being a big FU fest to the attacker -.- I sure do love My troops powers giving the opponent 4/5 matches 9 out of 10 times instead of, y’know…ME

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@Ghaleon, @Graeme and @BigCaseOfCrabs - Just to keep you all up to date, there has been updates posted about the new update. Check out some recent posts in that thread for more information.


Thanks for the update, much appreciated.